Mike Cernovitch Demands His Followers All Convert to Islam

Roy Batty and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 29, 2019

The White Sharia meme had a good run.

If we’re going to be honest here, it was on its last legs going into 2019. It was destined to be replaced by the far more popular White Shinto ideology.

But to really make sure that the meme died and became good and buried, Mike Cernovitch decided to Donkey Kong punch it and deliver the finishing blow.

On Sunday, he began promoting mass conversion to Islam.

And when you have a guy like him out there doing that, that pretty much makes memes about “white sharia” unworkable.

There are others. The man lives on Twitter. But they’re all in the same vein – the Church is cucked, therefore Christianity as a religion is garbage, therefore Islam.

Naturally, Mike has taken to thumping himself on the back/chest (like a gorilla) because he’s finally stood up to the Christian mob that harasses and hurts any dissident thinker in the West who dares to critique their subversive ideology.

It takes real bravery to critique Christianity and blame it for the predicament that the White World finds itself in.

Wasn’t Mike’s whole thing that the West was cool because it allowed homosex and atheism as opposed to Moslems who don’t tolerate Jewish subversion in their society?

swear that this was the talking point of the Alt-Lite for like three whole years.

They even wanted to bomb Iran at some point because it was too Islamic and too repressive or something.

Mike has gotten a lot of backlash for his Christian-bashing.

He is also apparently over Trump. Not a fan anymore. His supporters are too toxic, apparently.

It took a lot of fucking up for Trump to flush away the goodwill he had among his fans, lemme tell you. Mike, for all his faults, was a MAGA ride or die kind of bitch.

Now, I’m of the opinion that you should be able to call out Christian institutions and individual Christians for their cuckery. In fact, I think it is the morally correct thing to do to shame these cuckolds.

I’m not even against calling for White Sharia in America to finally bring these THOTs, homos and Jews to heel. But this is where we lose Mike. Instead of going full White ISIS mode, he’s instead talking about the benefits of moderate Islam and how he has nice Moslem friends.

No. That’s not the point of the meme, you simian-minded simpleton.

Firstly, this didn’t have anything to do with the religion of Islam, just the legal system, which involves beating and raping women and throwing homosexuals off of rooftops.

We want White Sharia Law to be as barbaric and regressive as possible, to set the clock as far back as possible on modern degeneracy. Then – and this is the key part here, few people understand this next step – we adopt the more civilization-conducive system of White Shinto and we live happily ever after in perpetual material stasis as a society.

White Sharia calls for violent civilizational course correction and cages for women.

White Shinto calls for building a harmonious civilization and women taking divinely-inspired joy in doing housework. 

Fucking plebs, I swear.

Once we get rid of all the Jews, inferior races, homos and THOTs we can’t just keep being in Gorilla Rampage mode all the time. We’ll need to tone it down a notch and become chill monkeys instead.

There, now I’ve really tried to explain it in terms that Mike can understand.

Hopefully, once he reads this, he’ll correct the error in his ways.

But actually… he’s not going to do that, because this has nothing to do with beating up women and throwing homos off of roofs. He is literally converting to the religion of Islam because he’s married to a Paki.

It’s going to be moderate Islam so he can keep his dog.