Middle School Tells Kids to Create ISIS Propaganda

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 21, 2015


I seriously doubt this was meant to be malicious. It is hilarious though.

Deseret News:

Schools administrators this week canceled an assignment requiring junior high school students to create a propaganda poster promoting ISIS or other terrorist groups after alarmed parents complained, a school district spokeswoman said.

A first-year Salem Junior High School history teacher who is interning with the school titled the assignment as a “terrorism propaganda poster” and said the purpose was “to help students understand the goals of terrorist groups and the methods they use to gain support,” according to a copy of the handout released by the Nebo School District.

District spokeswoman Lana Hiskey said the teacher wanted to use the assignment to teach the negative qualities of propaganda.

“She was teaching about the Middle East and was trying to teach the students about propaganda and how it can be inappropriate, (how) it can be misused,” Hiskey said.

A statement posted Thursday on Salem Junior High’s Facebook page said the assignment had been canceled.

“I think that really is the concern for parents, and it’s our concern honestly,” Hiskey said.

To help with their homework, the teacher also gave students a list of ISIS propaganda selling points “to help you better (understand) what groups like ISIS want and why,” according to the handout released by the school district.

The titles of those selling points, which were accompanied by descriptive paragraphs, included “up-to-date attractive social media,” “purpose for living,” “America’s support for Israel,” “Western societies are immoral” and “hope for a restoration of the Caliphate,” among others.

Hiskey called the assignment “inappropriate” and added that the teacher should have contacted her mentor teacher about getting it approved, which may have stopped it from being handed out to students.

“We want to keep our kids safe. We want them to understand the world that they live in and still keep them safe as well. … Parents’ concerns are they don’t want their children to get involved in any kind of terrorist anything,” she said.

Hiskey said the teacher apologized for the assignment and will not be disciplined.

This is why you should have men overseeing these female teachers, perhaps. A bunch of women all together will very quickly lose the plot, in my experience. Teaching is a traditionally female occupation – that is to say, a percentage of teachers are naturally female – but there need to be men as well to make sure everything is making sense.

When men do “inappropriate” assignments teaching kids about propaganda, they teach them to deny the stupid Jew Holocaust hoax.

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