Middle School Holocaust Research Assignment Sends Jews into Psychotic Breakdown Mode

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 6, 2014

A middle school research assignment has send the whole of American Jewry into psychotic breakdown mode.

After Southern California’s Rialto Unified School District gave 8th graders the assignment of researching Holocaust denial as part of a study on propaganda, the Jews struggled to maintain their composure as they viciously attacked all involved.


“Some people claim the Holocaust is not an actual event, but instead is a propaganda tool that was used for political and monetary gain,” the assignment said, according to a document posted by The Daily Bulletin. “You will read and discuss multiple, credible articles on the issue, and write an argumentative essay, based upon cited textual evidence, in which you explain whether or not you believe this was an actual event in history, or merely a political scheme created to influence public emotion and gain wealth.

Yeah, it seems to me whoever put this together should have seen the backlash coming. And it is somewhat hard to believe it wasn’t one of our men on the inside who put together the assignment.

The fact is, anyone who is willing to ask the question “did the Holocaust happen?” cannot ever come to the conclusion that it actually did. All that it takes to disprove it is to shift the burden of proof from the deniers to the confirmers. You are then left with the starling fact that exactly zero physical evidence exists to indicate the death of these invisible six million Jews.

A belief that six million Jews were killed by the Germans during World War Two is thus akin to a belief in the Virgin Birth of Christ – something which must be taken on faith alone. The difference is that with the Virgin Birth, you not only have thousands of years of ancestral tradition, but also the power of an eternal, divine force behind it. With the Holocaust, instead of an immortal God declaring it, you have the Jews claiming it.

There is a fundamental difference between a tattoo and a gas chamber.
There is a fundamental difference between a tattoo and a gas chamber.

As there are likely not too very many people who are willing to accept a new religion based on the infallibility of the Jewish race, the Jews are in a position where the Holocaust must be accepted as unquestionable fact, based purely on emotion.

So, you can see why they flipped their lids at the prospect of school children being asked to consider the possibility it didn’t happen.

“Whatever (the district’s) motivation, it ends up elevating hate and history to the same level,” Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Los Angeles-based Simon Wiesenthal Center, told FoxNews.com on Monday. “We should train our kids to have critical thinking, but the problem here is the teacher confused teaching critical thinking with common sense, because common sense dictates you don’t comingle propaganda with common truth.”

Cooper added that although teaching children about the nature of propaganda is a worthy lesson plan, the district would have been better off having children research Holocaust denial, while meeting with local survivors of the genocide.

In a statement, the district said Monday afternoon the interim superintendent will be speaking with its educational services department to “assure that any reference to Holocaust ‘not occurring’ will be stricken on any current or future argumentative research assignments.”

“The Holocaust is and should be taught in classrooms with sensitivity and profound consideration to the victims who endured the atrocities committed,” the statement reads. “We believe in the words of George Santayana, ‘Those who cannot learn from history are bound to repeat it.’”

Rialto police said one person made a number of calls to police with specific death threats directed at a district spokeswoman and the interim superintendent. Two officers were at the campus on Monday and authorities are investigating the incident.

The ADL also had words.


“It’s not a debate, you know, historians all agree the Holocaust is historical fact,” said Matthew Friedman of the Anti-Defamation League.

The organization says the idea of Holocaust denial can be addressed in schools, but calls this assignment the wrong way to do it.

“To have students try and determine whether or not it happened, they’re gonna go online and they’re going to Google the Holocaust and come across sites that look very slick and very persuasive, but are really bad history and propaganda for anti-Semites, and that’s not what we want them to be doing,” said Friedman.

The Jews understand, on a primal subconscious level, that if the Holohoax collapses, the jig will be officially up, and their entire power complex will collapse in the face of this monumental hoax.

Thus, it is of prime importance that we continue to press this issue, endlessly.

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