Middle-Aged Teacher Had Sex with Teenage Boy in Own Home While Husband and Kids Were Upstairs

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2018

Substance abuse and social media ruin women.

Add a new low to the epidemic of female teachers banging their underage male students. In this case, a married 40-year-old woman brought a high school student over and was screwing him while her husband and kids were upstairs.

Apparently, this stupid whore has been doing this with multiple students for a while. Judging from the report, she is apparently still married despite her husband knowing all the facts.

I am noticing that men are becoming increasingly tolerant of women cuckolding them.

The law should allow for men to brutally beat their wives for infidelity, but since this isn’t the case, at least throw her ass out in the street!

Is male acceptance of cuckoldry the future of “relationships” in Weimerica? All arrows are pointing to that. The modern man is a pathetic feeb.

New York Post:

A former Indiana substitute teacher, who admitted having sex with a 17-year-old student at her home while her husband and children were upstairs, has been jailed again after she was accused of violating her probation for a second time.

Kisha Nuckols, 40, was taken into custody Sunday after Hancock County prosecutors requested a warrant for her arrest on Jan. 3, saying she failed to register a cellphone number with the Sex Offender Registry, Fox 59 reported.

Nuckols was sentenced to two years of probation and two years of home detention in 2016, after prosecutors said she sent a 17-year-old student explicit photos of herself before the two later had sex in her home several times. According to court records, Nuckols admitted having inappropriate relationships with multiple students while working as a substitute teacher at Mount Vernon High School.

It seems that social media played a big role in this woman’s malfeasance. Most women 40 and under have been ruined by the limitless well of undeserved attention garbage like Instagram and Facebook gets them.

This isn’t an unintended consequence, it is by Jewish design. Tech Jews like Justin Rosenstein who helped (((Zuck))) create Facebook have publicly admitted that they knew the science of addiction, and designed their products to exploit it.

The comparison Rosenstein has made is the brain mechanism casino’s tap into with their slot machines. While men are more likely to be pathological gamblers than women (due to increased risk-taking tendencies), women tend to be addicted to slots rather than cards or roulette.

As the cultural cancer metastasizes, men in America will soon be given only two choices: be a “polyamorous” cuckold or go MGTOW.

A stable monogamous relationship with children is a fleeting pipedream for a shocking number of young men. This is a social time bomb – bad for society. Unfortunately the manosphere is riddled with libertarian type of aloofness which is politicized impotence. Men must impose themselves on women once again or not even bother.

Any Nationalist revolution must not only confront racial and economic issues, but also provide an antidote to the sexual revolution.

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  1. Looking at that fat cow, my first thought was that the student had to be a nigger.

  2. Also that her pathetic cuck husband should have his balls cut off, he clearly is not capable of owning a set.

  3. Jeez. Someone needs to teach that kid you don’t do FUGLY!

  4. “Riddled with Libertarian aloofness.” The most fucking awesome statement about Libertarianism. I used to think that way on my journey towards saneness. Cucks, skeptics and normies deceive themselves thinking the natural order will just settle into existence once the general population “sees the light.” The Communists are light years ahead of us. They know that power is all that matters. Most people want other people to settle politics and get on with their productive lives. The Jews have made everything in your life political from taking a piss to fucking your wife to educating your children. Our opponents only know force.

  5. Bitches are wondering why White Men call for White Sharia.

    Here they go.

    Right here.

  6. This is a white knight article. There’s no shortage of tough men, but being tough doesn’t get you anywhere with women.

    This is the result of careerism of course, where women have too many options. Women shouldn’t be teaching. They are the ones pushing the overton window radically to the left and changing the culture.

    My teacher went on and on about Martin Luther King and what a powerful speaker he was, how socialists are standing up for the little guy, how awful apartheid was and niggers had to drink from separate water fountains, and this was just one bitch. This faux outrage though. Women teach their kids marxist nonsense all day but sleeping with a student is going too far.

  7. True regarding women and social media. It’s exponentially multiplied their natural egotism/narcissism along with their sense of entitlement. Birth control, careerism and other aspects of feminism have rendered these dingbats sexually insatiable (but only for the top 20% of men) and yet barren courtesy of hypergamy. The thirsty betas only reinforce the BS they already have floating around in their bubbleheads.

  8. And another point: men need to start rejecting women that don’t dress modestly. Women that show their legs, ass or cleavage, wear bikinis etc. to manipulate men are the obvious whores. They also do it to get an unfair advantage over the handful of women that do have good values.

  9. Andy says:

    Is this Sargon’s wife?

  10. She ought to be stoned. I mean this.
    I definetely don’t want to marry in this society. As a man, the head of the family I’d have no say in anything anyway and I’d have no leverage. I’d be just a wallet/bank account.

    No thanks … .
    Gas all the kikes, race war now!!!

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