Michigan: Arab Female Calls for the Stabbing of Jews

Daily Stormer
January 4, 2016

I’m not going to act like I care if Arabs do or don’t stab Jews – that is these people’s own business.

But why on earth would we want this tribal conflict in our country?

And how exactly do the Jew-loving liberals defend bringing these people here?

The Blaze:

A Michigan woman posted a video on YouTube supporting Palestinian stabbing attacks against Jews and blasted Muslims who try to argue that stabbing is “haram,” or forbidden, under Islamic law.

The Middle East Media Research Institute translated the Arabic-language video posted on YouTube last week by Lina Allan, who MEMRI described as “a Palestinian-Jordanian activist who lives in Michigan.” Her Twitter profile — where she describes herself as “an optimistic person” — also states Michigan as her location.

Allan disparaged Muslims who claim Islam does not allow stabbing attacks, accusing them of trying to be “muftis” and telling them to “go back to watching Turkish soap operas.”

Throughout the video, titled, “Is Stabbing Jews Haram [Forbidden]?” she notably used only the word “Jews” to describe the target of stabbing attacks, not “Israelis.”

Appearing to compare Jews to animals, she likened those who believe stabbings are prohibited under Islam to defenders of “animal rights – not human rights, but at best, animal rights.”

Well, yes. Okay, that part is sort of funny. But this is not our problem.

All of these monkeys – Jews and Arabs alike – need to be deported back to their desert, where they can then figure it out between themselves.