Mexican MAGA Hat Thief Will Be Charged with a Felony

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
October 13, 2017

In most of America, if you are a heterosexual white male without a lot of money, expecting the police to protect your rights is a shot in the dark. This is why Young Republican types like the one in this video look so pathetic: he is such a gullible dork that he thinks appealing to rights that only exist on paper (muh Constitution) matters in the real world.

In this case, Matthew Vitale lucked out. The footage of the Indio student robbing him of his MAGA hat went viral, which led to a nationwide campaign to force the police in Riverside to (begrudgingly) do their job.


Late last week, a viral video surfaced of two college students facing off over a red Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” cap. In the video, Edith Macias is seen brandishing the cap of fellow student Matthew Vitale. Macias had snatched the hat off of Vitale’s head following a conference the two were attending on the University of California, Riverside campus.

Macias is seen taking the hat to the university’s student life office, demanding something be done about the hat and Vitale. “This belongs to me. I bought it and she took it from me,” Vitale can be heard saying off-camera.

“Look at the kind of s*** he’s wearing,” Macias responds. “This represents genocide of a bunch of people.”

The two then proceed to argue over issues including freedom of speech and personal property, among other topics, while the university staff attempt to quell the intense emotions of the moment. After nine minutes of discussion and arguing, the staff finally return Vitale’s hat to him and the campus police show up to deal with the situation.

Vitale’s own video didn’t show the theft happening, but a video that Macias herself uploaded following the events did reveal the incident. Vitale soon learned from campus police that the release of that video showing Macias taking the hat off of Vitale could possibly lead to felony charges, and the Republican student then decided to proceed.

A lot of the third world people transplanted into the USA in recent decades seem to think that physical force is the only way to resolve political differences.

They’re correct. When multiple groups with irreconcilable desires are forced to live together, compromise becomes increasingly difficult. Demands become more radical as the demographics of one group gain ground on the other.

Edith Macias is a Mesoamerican nationalist who wants to replace white people with her own. At the same time she reserves the right to enjoy Gringo infrastructure and federal tax dollars without giving anything back. She knows on some level that her desires are irreconcilable with the interests of most Americans, but she wants it both ways, so Edith and her fellow Jew radicalized invaders in California understand that violence and intimidation is the only way to get Gringos to go along.

There’s nothing in the water that makes California so insane. California is what happens when whites dip below 50%: Jews (Silicon Valley, Hollywood, State government) at the top, corrupt and inept non-whites in the middle and whites as marginalized racial scapegoats with no rights at the bottom. 

The Young Republicans may have won a small victory here, but they won’t win the war.

The only rights you have are those you can physically defend.

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