Mentally Ill Great White Terrorist Found Hiding Under a Tarp After Having Done Nothing

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2017

Well, this dumb media spectacle is over, at least.

That’s one piece of good news.

Fox News:

Joseph Jakubowski, the Wisconsin man accused of stealing more than a dozen guns and sending a threatening 161-page manifesto to President Donald Trump, was arrested Friday following a massive 10-day manhunt, officials said.

Jakubowski, 32, was found near Readstown in southwestern Wisconsin hiding under a tarp. He was disheveled and appeared to have not slept for days, authorities said. He was found in possession of four handguns, a rifle, a Samurai sword, and a copy of the manifesto he sent to the White House.

His hideout was a desolate farm, Rock County Sheriff Robert Spoden. He said Jakubowski was caught before he could act on any plan for violence.

Yeah, either that, or he didn’t actually have any plan for violence and was just insane.

That would explain why he took the guns to go hide under a tarp on a remote farm and not sleep.

“Make no mistake what could have happened here is a mass shooting,” Spoden said at a press conference.

The sheriff added: “We are fortunate that whatever his endgame was, he wasn’t able to carry it out.”

The owner of the farm called law enforcement to report a suspicious man on his property. Tactical officers, including from the FBI, moved in to apprehend him.

Officials said Jakubowski was taken into custody without incident. He was taken to the local station and was being interviewed.

He faces arraignment in Madison Federal Court Friday on weapons charges related to the gun shop burglary. Other charges are pending.

What other charges would apply hear? Besides burning his own car, which I assume is illegal to do in the parking lot he did it in?

As far as I know, he didn’t actually even threaten anyone, he just had “threatening ideas” and stolen weapons.

Jakubowski was accused of stealing 18 guns from Armageddon Supplies, a store near Janesville, on April 4, torching his car, and then vanishing, Fox 6 reported. The manifesto bearing his name showed his hatred for religion, a long list of grievances against the government, and a desire to carry out unspecified attacks.

The farm’s owner, Jeffrey Gorn, told The Associated Press he was driving his four-wheeler when he spotted the camper — without realizing it was Jakubowski. He said he actually spoke to the man for about an hour and never once felt threatened.

Days after the manhunt began, a separate letter mailed by someone claiming to be Jakubowski threatened unspecified violence on Sunday at churches in the Sussex area, about 25 miles northwest of Milwaukee.

The FBI said Friday that Jakubowski was not the author of that letter.

Yeah, the letter, which would have been a threat, was not written by him.

So all he did was rob a gun store, burn his own car and then go hide under a tarp on a remote farm.

No idea why this was ever a major news story.

WTMJ-TV posted 35 pages of handwritten documents to its website that it said were written by Jakubowski, according to a law enforcement source. Rock County Sheriff’s Office Commander Troy Knudson said the writings appeared genuine.

The pages posted online were numbered 93 through 160 but skipped almost every odd number, suggesting the TV station received only one side of each page. In them, the writer claimed the government was trying to brainwash its citizens through taxes, religion, and health insurance.

“We the people should be out for these sick minded people belonging to the system! We need to spill their blood!” the document read, going on to say priests and churches controlled U.S. presidents and banks.

The writer stated he would not bring harm or violence to anyone unless “these terrorist gangs continue their terrorism on human life and force my hand to protect and defend the honor and dignity of life!”

More than 150 law enforcement officials had been searching for Jakubowski, who’d had several run-ins with law enforcement, most for traffic violations. Police said he previously resisted arrest and once tried to disarm an officer.

Here are the pages of his manifesto that are available in a pdf.

I’m a big manifesto guy and I couldn’t make it through very much of it. It’s just rambling, insane gibberish. Nothing of any value. The grammar and spelling is also horrible.

You couldn’t even call it right wing (or left wing) for that matter. It’s just a bunch of goofy nonsense about priests controlling the banks. Like if you made a 4-year-old listen to William Cooper and Jordan Maxwell for a week on end then asked him to explain it.

He is clearly mentally ill, and not really a threat to anything or anyone, but the media has played this up because hey, he’s white.

Anyway. Stupid ending to stupid media spectacle.

What media saga is not over though: the saga of Doctor Gook’s Wild Ride.

That we have yet to get to the bottom of.

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