Memetic Tuesday: Reluctant Relinquishment

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2019

It’s not Monday, but that’s okay.

We have ducks.

If you came here looking for ducks, you’re good.

If you were looking for other things, you’d best look elsewhere.

Just keep looking around, that’s my advice.

If you’ve lost six million things, you’ll find them eventually.

Maybe try looking in the freezer or the oven? I don’t know.

If you were looking for an actual narrative, I’d recommend the other articles here.

It’s been a pretty good week for articles here, after all.

The only thing I ought to be writing is a letter of resignation.

For months, my enthusiasm for sharing memes has been bottlenecked by horrible rural internet.

I don’t enjoy complaining about it; I know things could be worse.

At least I haven’t been mistaken for an iguana, y’know?

So I have that to be thankful for. Hooray, hurrah!

Still, the problem is a major barrier when it comes to producing punctual pictorial articles of high quality.

It’s not the good kind of major barrier, frens.

We still need those.

People ought to be diligent about the responsibilities they accept.

However, people also ought to be honest to themselves and accept when they can no longer consistently perform those responsibilities.

That’s where I’m at.

I like honesty.

You like honesty too, don’t you?

I’m sure you’ll like your next host, as well.

Whoever that may be, I’ll be providing full support from the sub-56kbps sidelines.

For now, it’s time for another round of memes.

Let’s roll ’em out.

That’s all for this week.

To the Stormer BBS Bros who have been providing material for the past 49 Mondays, thank you.

Please continue to support your new host.

And, of course: Thanks to Andrew Anglin for offering this opportunity a year ago.

It has been an honor, sir.

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  1. .

    Coming soon (obviously):







    Epstein’s attorney presented without comment:


    Muh unfair pay…

  2. Bon says:

    Happy Tuesday. It’s been a crazy week, hasn’t it?

    California is rocking and rolling. Will it drop off into the sea as so many here wish?

    The red-haired Little Mermaid is being re-made as a nigger. Isn’t it time we re-made the following?

    Jeffrey Epstein would like you to meet his niece:

    Nike is introducing a Colin Kaepernik model to replace the banned Betsy Ross shoe:

    The Founding Fathers capturing airports!

    Stay safe, fam.

    And don’t try the following:

  3. @DunklerKristall @Yodocq @AryanUprising @NobodiBilderberger @wuldor @macedindu

    Thank you for the support.

    It wasn’t a decision I made lightly.

    Things started out decently enough, I guess; originally, each of the articles “only” took about 6-8 hours to create.

    And then, to quote myself from a month ago:

    My decision to pursue higher quality had good results, I think – until my internet problems began to intensify.

    What used to take 6-8 hours has gradually turned into a 15-20 hour task with no signs of improvement in sight.

    That’s on top of a full-time job where I put in overtime at least every other week.

    It’s costly in that regard – and while I don’t mind making sacrifices for a good cause and for good people, I’m certain that anyone with a decent (modern) internet connection could produce similar results in just 3-4 hours without having to slide down the “basement-dwelling unkempt slob” hellhole I’ve been subjecting myself to.

    I wrote “It’s been an honor” in the article, and it really has been. The other DS contributors (Frei, Pomidor, Roy, Spartacus, Martel, Lee, etc.) produce excellent material, and contributing alongside them has been a great and amazing experience.

    Stepping away from it was a tough choice, but nevertheless a choice I needed to make.

    The toughest part of my decision is knowing that Anglin will have to recruit a new Monday contributor. That’s extra work for him when my sole intention all along has been wanting to help, to bear a bit of the burden.

    So it’s up to him as to whether or not I can continue to contribute when my internet situation improves. I certainly hope so. Creating these articles every other week would be alright with my current situation, but that would still require a second contributor to cover every other Monday.

    …That’s enough about me and my situation, though. Probably more than enough. I’m here for the cause, not to elaborate about my personal problems. This explanation and elaboration is an exception based on my appreciation for the supportive community.

    And speaking of support, @DixieDean , that put a wide smile on my tired face. Thank you.

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