Memetic Tuesday: Galactic Victory

Ragnar Talks
Daily Stormer
November 15, 2016



For almost 2 years many of you have fought relentlessly against the ZOG in service to The Emperor on all fronts, 24/7, across continents, timezones and platforms, with everything available to us. It is because of these tireless efforts, this limitless self sacrifice by our brave men and women that we find ourselves victorious.

Not only has The Emperor taken the Throne, but also both political parties have been smashed; 2 political dynasties have been destroyed and The Leader also controls the House, the Senate and the Supreme Court.


WW3 has been averted and every major head-of-state across this Earth instantly sent Tribute (except Merkel). And most importantly, white people are claiming this as an ethnic victory and a repudiation of Multi-kulti and the plague of divershitty.


On behalf of all the white people living and in the memory of our ancestors, The Emperor bestows the following awards upon the Stormer Legions in commemoration of their deeds and with his sincerest gratitude. And many years from now, when you visit your grandchildren on the off-world colonies and they call you a cuck, you can show them this as proof that you fought to make their world possible.

Brothers and Sisters, Sieg Heil!


Courtesy of @Colonel-Gunter.Brumm @Toothpuller


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OPERATION: The Sleeper Must Awaken

Moving forward after having had our celebration we need to get back to work.

Operation Endgame was a TotalenKrieg success. The normie-friendly focus was very, very, very effective. We won BIGLY! I mean it got much wider distribution and media attention than any of us expected. We were in the NYT, The Guardian, Daily Mail, CNN etc.

So @Colonel-Gunter.Brumm has commanded that we reach out to our semi slumbering people again. Now! While they’re exultant!


They are also being vilified and persecuted by the orcs and vampires. But this time to stoke nascent white consciousness! Reach out to them with ammunition, with simple non-threatening memes about celebrating their people.

Matter-of-fact non-political stuff (everyone’s tired of the political talk now) that whites built everything around us. That whites built every significant civilization and all inventions. Celebrate women, children, peace, the future.

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Also, many normies think that they’re “mutts.” “Oh I’m a little English and French and German and Russian and Italian etc.” Tell them wrong, they have a people, we are White. The Divine Race (the Noble Ones – The Aryans). The race that created everything of any value. The true minority race on the planet.

There are 600 million whites and 6 billion and counting non-whites.

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Spell out that Trump’s victory was a Victory of the White Race Their People, Our People, White People.

The Future is Ours.

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But again, no Nazi imagery – the keywords to remember are EMPOWERING not SHOCKING. Stuff that you could send to your teenage nephew.


Add a shortcut to this article’s comments thread to your desktop. Check it repeatedly everyday for new material and send them out across your networks.

Make a new folder on your desktop just for this campaign. Archive, create, distribute and repeat.

Review your archives for effective memes you might already have.

As we discussed EMPOWERING not SHOCKING. No DS watermarks, swastikas, etc.

Deploy these memes to flood social media, twitter etc. Mobilize all sockpuppets, real accounts etc. Put them into the hands of all of your colleagues at work, friends, relatives and their friends to flood the planet.

Make many posts, every day throughout the day (morning, noon and night to get the greatest reach) not just one big dump.

Reach out to other Alt-Right communities and have them help us like we did last time.

Here are some ideas, we need a lot more. You’ll find some great templates below; use them or add your own. Find it, make it, use it, post it, repeat.

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