Memetic Monday: These Things Happen

Joe Isolated
Daily Stormer
November 12, 2018

You know it’s Monday, don’t you?

Yeah? Alright. Just checking.

If you didn’t know, that’s perfectly fine.

In fact, you can go back to forgetting that it’s Monday for the next six days.

You totally can.

A day or two from now, someone may ask you what you’re doing.

You can tell them, “I’m forgetting it’s Monday, of course! Thank you for asking.”

Alright, that was ridiculous.

But we live in a ridiculous world, and ridiculous things happen.

Ridiculous things happen, yes.

Some ridiculous happenings endure for mind-boggling lengths of time before reaching anticlimactic ends.

Bad things also happen.

Sometimes, the bad things happen to people we don’t like.

Thence, good things happen.

We celebrate these good things with guilt-free laughter.

Objectively bad things happen, too.

Yet, we are sometimes told that these objectively bad things are not really bad at all.

Remember: the “eye of the beholder” may in fact be a blind eye.

Speaking of blind eyes:

Have you ever wondered when the first Braille edition of the Daily Stormer will be printed?

Bring on the Raised Dots of Hatred.

For now, however: bring on the memes.  

Because it’s Monday – in case you had forgotten.

Putting the “REEEEEE” in “recount”.

…and that concludes this Monday’s medley of memes.

‘Til next week, may the good happenings be in abundance.

Outro from basketball enthusiast and aspiring rapper Lil’ Brayne:

Once again:  thanks to the Stormer BBS Bros.  Credit where credit is due, and credit is due in spades.

lol “spades” bix nood muhfuggen shheeeeeiitt