Memetic Monday: Elite Mobile Memetic Tacital Recruitment

Ragnar Talks
Daily Stormer
September 19, 2016

Gasp! Racist Frogs Everywhere! The (((MSM))) and the Lunatic Left (TM) have finally realized that Kek is an unforgiving Frog God.

Let’s see if we can up the ante with our meme making abilities and take it to the streets for urban meme-warfare. Many of you have already become proficient at fabricating memes and gifs using your personal computers and utilizing the tools and resources available on certain websites. Some have had a difficult time adjusting but fear not for Kek is with you and new tools are deployed daily to meet the needs of all.

This is where smart phones and tablets come into play! We’ll go over some suggested apps so that you can meme away wheresoever you may be, in order not to miss any action that might require immediacy.



If you have an iPhone download Juxtaposer, a fun, easy-to-use layering app right at your fingertips. Cut out images easily and layer them on top of others. The full version is $3 and it’s like Photoshop for you iPhone or iPad. @Toothpuller is a bonafide Elite Mobile Memetic Tactical master, so feel free to bug him with questions as Juxtaposer is his tool of choice.


If you have an Android device there are a number of options. They are free (ad-based) or, for a few bucks, you can get an ad-less version.

For layering and cutting out images similar to Juxtaposer’s functionality download: PhotoLayers, It’s simple and even easier to use than your PC. You’ll be expert in no time.

For Text and other effects try these and see which you like best:

  1. Ololoid Meme Generator – allows you to add text, stickers or create demotivators (as the Ranidaphobia one above). This app has some annoying ads but it’s worth it, unfortunately no paid version is available.
  2. PicSay – there are pro and lite versions available.
  3. Meme Generator Free – you can purchase a full version as well.

Practice today and be ready for when the call comes for a Stormer Troll Party!

Also remember to pledge your support of the Daily Stormer (thanks @Vic_Mackey for overseeing this drive) for a future donation or contribute now with bitcoin, cash, check or money order (no ID required for a postal money orders, for those concerned).

Find some images below or use your own and add a caption or create a photo montage using only your phones!

Meme all that you can Meme! Join DS’s Elite Mobile Memetic Tacital Unit.

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Somebody’s going to click this!

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Also if you haven’t done so already, Join a Stormer Book Club near you!