Memetic Monday: Demented Hillary

Ragnar Talks
Daily Stormer
August 15, 2016

Firstly it’s time to start pounding the boards of social media with Hillary’s poor health, her failing mental stability and overall inability to lead. Recently Molyneux interviewed Cernovich to discuss precisely the subject of her well-being.

Just look at those eyes from her last press conference over 250 days ago! This is a sick, weird, fugly whore of Babylon and her presidency would bring ruin upon all that is good, holy and just.

Secondly, it is critical that we continue to give the Glorious Leader the well-deserved and needed boost to motivate and cajole his ascendancy as God Emperor.

It has been a long and exhausting battle for him indeed and the constant vilification and ridicule must have a toll on him, his family and most certainly his business.

The same way that His Holiness the God King gives our movement vitality and mainstream legitimacy, our movement must help keep him motivated, ebullient and enlivened.


Get to your battle stations!

Fire REDPILLS at will

Our Time is Now!

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Oh and Don’t forget to watch this video !!!!! It’ a fabulous 1 minute documentary on how the mind of a Hillary supporter works.

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