Memetic Monday: Alt-Right Pepe Storm

Ragnar Talks
Daily Stormer
August 29, 2016

As we all know the Alt-Right is the main story and it is important to strike while the iron is hot. This is the time to lead the masses to our ideas, for they are far superior to anything that the Lunatic-Left could ever propose. This is clear and (((they))) know it, it is why the (((Guild))) is terrified now that we have disrupted Spice production on Arrakis.


Their Navigators are all over the news calling this an unprecedented situation unlike any other seen since 1945.

1945… their words.

This is serious.

Now is the time to reach out to the masses to exponentially increase our numbers and finish (((them))). It is mandatory to spend time on sites such as: Breitbart, Infowars, Daily Caller etc. People are flocking to these sites and it is only a matter of time before they stumble onto Daily Stormer. They are looking for REAL answers, not tax plans and healthcare BS.


Many have complained that they are banned by numerous sites and have been unable to continue their work despite attempting to create new accounts. Disqus has effectively banned people via IP and MAC address profiling. Here are a couple of fix suggestions:

1) Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to anonymize yourself, there are affordable as well as free versions available:
a.) Pure VPN
b.) Private Internet Access
c.) Express VPN

2) Get a MAC Address spoofer – depending on your operating system there are a wide range of options available. Assuming that many here use a windows-based platform, Technitium works quite well.


1) Your target is the millions of silent lurkers and NOT necessarily the comment-ors.

2) Do not get bogged down arguing with one or two people. Hit someone once, then hit them again and no more. Move on, the goal is to make MANY comments, not to spend hours on a single stellar one. Remember your silent audience. Make them laugh. Win their admiration. Give them a present (video, photo or link). Place your comments strategically within the top comments.

3) If you see another red-piller, jump-in and offer support: “Brilliant”, “Wow. I never knew that.” “100 percent correct”, ” Exactly” , “Great link!”, Upvote him, etc.

4) And this is crucial – Leave breadcrumbs back to the real Alt-Right. Links or videos that people can follow and learn for themselves.

These have proven to be very effective.

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