Meme Resonance with Hannibal Lecter

Michael Collins
Daily Stormer
September 9, 2016


“Let’s see what we can do about your Jew problem Will”

Hannibal: I hear you have been having some trouble with the Jews Will. Why don’t you sit down, we can talk about it.

Will: I just don’t know what to do. Every time I try a counter argument to their lies it doesn’t work, no matter how logical.

Hannibal: The problem is that you have been trying to fight fire with fire, assertion with assertion. That is not how the mind works Will.

Will: What should I do?

Hannibal: The Jews thrive on assertion, their ethnic media networks mean that they can push a narrative endlessly which in turn induces a consensus trance in the group gestalt consciousness of our people. The tendency for people to abide by social compliance means that they will accept the group consensus idea without critical evaluation. When you challenge these assertions directly it is seen as an attack on their person as their mind interprets it as an attempt to remove them from the safety of the group and its social conventions.

Will: So by attacking their group held beliefs individuals feel threatened?

Hannibal: Exactly.

Will: How do we get around this?


“We must encode or ‘modulate’ our ideas onto a medium that bypasses the consensus barrier”.

Hannibal: The key is that the consensus belief is not and never was a critically held idea. It is in fact a social convention that must be adhered to by those who seek to be part of the group. It in and of itself is not evaluated on the basis of truth but simply on the basis of how many others in the group abide by it.

Will: So it is like a mental block rather than an idea. Something that doesn’t make sense itself but stops ideas that do make sense from entering the mind by opposing them.

Hannibal: Precisely. Multiculturalism for White people and only White people for example if critically evaluated doesn’t make sense but it has been inculcated into the minds of many and if you try to attack it directly it you are merely attacking the group consensus and not the idea itself. This triggers the self defense mechanism in the individual and they shut down. They resist going against the group and they refuse to hear any more.

Will: So how do we get past this mental barrier?

Hannibal: If I wanted you to hear my voice through several walls I could shout but there is another more elegant way. I can encode my voice on a radio wave, the radio wave would pass through the barrier of the wall and if you have a receiver you could decode it and hear me on the other side. We must do the same with our ideas. We must encode or ‘modulate’ our ideas onto a medium that bypasses the consensus barrier. This medium is not recognised as anathema to the destructive Jewish consensus idea and as such does not trigger a defense and rejection of the idea. It pass through the barrier just like the radio wave passes through the wall.

Will: …and the person then decodes it in their mind.

Hannibal: Yes Will. Our people instinctively ask “what do others think is true?” and as such are vulnerable to holding false ideas if they are held by everyone else but they also ask themselves internally and often unbeknownst to themselves “what is true in and of itself?”
In other words they critically evaluate ideas once they register in their minds. In encoding an idea that is contradictory to the poisonous Jewish consensus belief onto an ostensibly ‘benign’ medium we create a memetic virus which when it bypasses the blocking belief installed by the Jews a White person’s mind will decode it, assess it and recognise its inherent truth.

Will: and since we speak the truth our ideas will be accepted as such and they will resonate as truth in the mind of the person rather than be discarded as they would if they were lies.

Hannibal: Indeed Will. In the same way that resonant sound will shatter glass, resonant truth will shatter lies. You see in order to make people unquestioningly believe lies like “multiculturalism is good” and “White privilege” and “feminism” the Jews need to reinforce them and make everyone in the group believe them all the time. We merely need to bypass this consensus with the truth in the individual. As such we must never try to challenge the consensus head on. I have a present for you Will. It is dangerous to go alone. Here take this meme as an example of what we have spoken about…



Will: Thank you Doctor Lecter. Any plans for tonight?

Hannibal: I think I will cook a nice meal for myself tonight Will. I am experimenting with Kosher foods…