Media Screeches About Dead Journalist, Then “Forgets” to Post Suspect’s Picture

Daily Stormer
October 11, 2018

They also forgot to say that you can tell by looking at this bitch she deserved it.

If you’ve been reading the (((mainstream media))) for the past couple of days, you’ve probably seen the hysterical screeching about some journalist thot getting raped and killed (probably in that order, but maybe not) in Bulgaria.

The Jew’s attack dogs immediately started whining about “freedom of the press,” “attacks on journalists,” and all the other standard crap they spout whenever someone from their pack dies.

Of course, the minute they found out that, like the vast majority of bad things in Europe, this too was caused by a melanin-enriched vibrant, they stopped talking much about it, and no mainstream media outlet has published his picture as of the time I’m writing this.

That’s the standard “I’m ready pay your pension now” stance

The creature is some Turk/Tatar mix named Severin Krasimirov, who went by the name of “Selaydin Remiksa” on social media.

Can’t print that now, can we?

What pissed me off even more is this article I read yesterday in The Guardian, before the vermin was arrested in Germany, called “The Horror we live in,” written by one Shaun Walker who, like most “experts on Eastern Europe,” is a Jew.

Surprise goyim, surprise!

I’m only gonna comment on a few points, since the article is mostly irrelevant or just standard gibberish.

The Guardian:

It was the third murder of a journalist in an EU country within a year, reopening debates about the dangers of reporting, as well as the particular perils faced by female journalists. Last October, Daphne Caruana Galizia, a Maltese investigative journalist, was killed when a bomb planted in her car detonated. In February, Ján Kuciak, a Slovak journalist, was shot dead along with his girlfriend.

Hmm… Third in a year…

How many murders committed by people who look like this enrichful vibrant happened so far this year, and how many of those have you and the rest of the Lügenpresse covered up?

The answers are “a lot” and “almost all of them” respectively.

The killing fits into a pattern of violent attacks on female reporters. Last October, a Russian radio journalist, Tatyana Felgenhauer, was stabbed in the neck at her station’s Moscow studio by a 48-year-old male intruder who had monitored her broadcasts and written blogposts about her. Last August, the Swedish journalist Kim Wall was sexually assaulted, murdered and dismembered by a Danish inventor, Peter Madsen, while onboard his miniature submarine. Madsen was jailed for life for the attack.

Raping and murdering a journalist isn’t bad… But doing it on your submarine, that you built with your own hands?

Why is that guy even in prison?

He should’ve gotten at least 2-3 Nobel Prizes for doing that.

“The fact that a woman has been killed in such a brutal manner – which is, by the way, happening on a daily basis – is what matters,” said Ivan Enchev, an IT specialist who attended a vigil for Marinova in Sofia on Monday evening. “It doesn’t matter whether it was a punitive action for her work or an attack against a woman, there is no positive aspect to this story. I want to express my disgust with the horror we live in.”

The sentiment was echoed by Irina Nedeva, a radio journalist and head of the Bulgarian office of the Association of European Journalists. “This is a nightmare for Bulgarian journalists, regardless of whether she was killed because of her last aired show or whether it was about violence against a woman,” she said.

The biggest dangers any journalist in Europe faces are the same dangers that we all face – getting murdered, tortured, burned alive, robbed, assaultedraped, run over or blown-up by these retarded monkey people that you worthless liars actively defend and help import on behalf of your foreskin-munching masters.

So long as you do that, not a single one of you deserves any sympathy.

Quite the contrary – every time one of you dies, it makes life just a little better for the rest of us.