Media Asks if President Trump Has the Legal Authority to Fire the Federal Reserve’s Chairman

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
December 31, 2018

In light of President Trump expressing his displeasure with the Federal Reserve, the media has been raising questions about his legal authority to fire the person who leads it. PBS News Hour recently brought on a Jew named Binyamin Appelbaum from The New York Times to give us an expert Jewish opinion on the subject.

A Jew working for The New York Times is the last person anyone should trust to provide any sort of unbiased and factual analysis about the Federal Reserve.

Essentially Appelbaum said that there was no precedent for the President of the United States trying to remove the head of the Fed or any member of its board of governors. He also stressed the alleged importance of a so-called “independent” Fed free from political meddling. His position was that there was some sort of legal grey area and that it isn’t clear if President Trump could simply fire Fed Chairman Jay Powell because he disagrees with his interest rate policies.

But why is it that the Fed Chairman does not serve at the pleasure of the President? Isn’t that the standard line we hear about every other office holder in the federal government that is directly picked by the President?

So what’s different about the Fed? Maybe the fact that it was founded as a privately run central bank and not as a government agency has something to do with it.

This is why the Fed since its founding in 1913 has been able to operate with little to no accountability. The reason why we see so many Jews demanding that the Fed maintain its independence is because it is the mechanism that gives them control over the nation’s money supply. It allows them to engineer economic booms and busts by manipulating interest rates and other financial levers. The last thing they want is somebody in the political realm raising questions about its horribly subversive activities.

It is a bit strange that the Jews are even bringing this subject up though. The average person is going to start asking some questions about the Fed when they are telling them that the President might not have the authority to fire the person who runs it. Especially since the Fed Chairman has been historically selected by the President. Now granted, it is true that these picks have mostly been part of a dog and pony show, but it is still a presidential selection. So why wouldn’t a person selected for an office by the President be eligible for firing by the President regardless of the justification involved?

This is just another reason why the Fed needs to be abolished. If there are questions about the President being able to remove the people who run the Fed, it is impossible to assume that it is an institution operating with the American people’s best interest in mind.