Maya Angelou on Google (Or How It Sucks to be Black)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 4, 2018

So Maya Angelou, the black poetess, is on the Google doodle today. She died in 2014, but this would be her 90th birthday.

I clicked it, just to see what the thing was, and wow – it’s a shitty poem read by black celebrities about how people tried to hold her down and she overcame.

So I’m sitting here listening to this poem and thinking “wow, it must suck to be black in a world of white achievement.”

Because she is effectively one of the most famous black people ever (who is famous for something other than sports or music).

So to be black, and be looking at the world, and have this horrible poet thrown out there as what you’re supposed to be proud of your race for… I can see how that would be pretty frustrating and disheartening.

So, honestly, I don’t blame them for the Wakanda thing.

Or for claiming they did the moon landing.

Or any of the afrocentric “we wuz kangz” fake history.

Because really, what else are they going to do?

They’re put in a situation where they’re supposed to be competing with white people, and they’re being constantly told by Jews that they’re the same as white people, and then they are supposed to say “yeah, just look at this Maya Angelou poem about how people hated her because she was black but she still felt happy inside…”

I’m glad I’m not black.

I can look at every great man in white history and say “the ability to become that lies within my genes.”

Asians and even Moslems (at least Arabs and Persians) have a similar ability to look at a history of heroes and doers of great things as a way to inspire themselves.

Blacks, not having any real history as a people, are forced to live forever in the present, rootless creatures who came from nowhere and are going nowhere.


Their actual history is embarrassing, I’m sure.

But I guess the good news is, 99% of them are too stupid to even understand what I just wrote, let alone think of it on their own.

Point Being

I think it is interesting to take a detached view and look at these creatures as they are. To consider their situation.

Of course, in the end, none of this is our problem. Their lack of a history, their lack of a future, their inability to function in the present… that is all their problem. It is a problem that they want to make our problem, as they attempt to define themselves through us by claiming victimhood as the core of their racial identity.

But it’s not our problem.

And this, I believe, should be the approach we take to these creatures.

The underlying attitude behind all of our interactions with them needs to be:

You all need to do you. We just want to be left alone. We do not believe that you have a right to access to white people, so you are going to have to figure out your own identity issues without us being the core of your people’s story.

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