May was the Most Violent Month Ever in Baltimore History

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June 2, 2015

Will Marilyn Mosby personally lead the riots in Baltimore when the six Baltimore Police officers she indicted walk?

Or will it be Stephanie Rawlings-Blake?

Perhaps Councilman Nick Mosby or Baltimore City Council President Jack Young?

Because there can be no doubt the actions of this individuals during the black riots in Baltimore helped pave the way (and provide motivation) for the most violent month in the city’s history.

Of course, this violence was nothing more than an aggregation of individual decisions by black people to use a gun (or knife) in a criminal act, so it would be foolish to assign any blame to the white minority of Baltimore who had virtually nothing to do with any of the fatal or nonfatal shootings in the city.

It’s just the blacks. [Baltimore records deadliest month in more than 40 years, Baltimore Sun, 5-31-15]:

 With three men killed in eastside shootings on Sunday, Baltimore recorded its deadliest month in more than 40 years. The 43 killings in May surpassed the 42 homicides the city saw in August 1990, and left Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake defending police and her administration.

Speaking at a morning ceremony to honor McKenzie Elliott, the 3-year-old killed by a stray bullet in August, Rawlings-Blake said it’s time to stop finger-pointing and assigning blame for the recent violence.

The killing of African-Americans in Baltimore has to stop, she said, noting that 189 of the 208 killed last year were black men. For the city to improve, all homicides need to drop, she added. “We have to do better,” the mayor said.

“We have to want more.” City Councilman Brandon Scott, vice chair of the public safety committee, echoed that theme, saying it’s time for all Baltimoreans to have honest conversations about ways to stop the violence. There isn’t one solution or one person who shoulders the blame, he said, adding that homicides affect all residents in the city, not just those in the poorest neighborhoods.

“Too many people have died in our town,” he said Sunday afternoon. “Don’t point fingers or go to social media. Everybody has to look in the mirror and ask, ‘What are they doing?'”

Funny, in 1970, Baltimore had a population of 906,244 people (dropping 30 percent by 2015 to 622,104), and white people were a still a majority. High rates of black crime then were convincing  whites the city was no longer a place for those capable of maintaing western civilization, so they left and allowed the Africanization of Baltimore to proceed unimpeded.

Again: the white minority in 2015 Baltimore has NOTHING to do with the crime-wave capsizing what is left of western civilization in the city; it’s simply black individuals collectively engaging in crimes making large portions of the city uninhabitable.

Police have nothing to do with the rise in homicides or nonfatal shootings either (though the libertarian view of a society free of state agents – police – being peaceful and harmonious is dying a fast death courtesy of the Visible Black Hand of Economics), for it’s not their duty to ensure citizens of Baltimore act in a peaceful manner; it’s the duty of every citizen of Baltimore to abide by the laws established to govern society.

However, black elected officials in Baltimore sacrificed the last vestiges of western civilization (law and order; innocent until proven guilty) when they allowed blacks space to destroy private property in the city and then when Marilyn Mosby acted on behalf of those preaching “no justice, no peace” and indicted six police officers whose offense was killing a convicted heroin dealer.

Never forget Freddie Gray dealt death to members of the black community in Baltimore, and in his death, these same members of the black community decided to riot/loot/burn on his behalf.

A heroin dealer deserves to be publicly executed; in the case of Freddie Gray, the black community of Baltimore decided to publicly execute the remaining vestiges of western civilization in Baltimore, with black elected officials standing idly by (in some cases, like Councilman Mosby, telling police to stand down from arresting the looters)… all in the name of Justice for Freddie Gray.

So with the body count piling up, and the near Africanization of Baltimore complete, is there any doubt black elected officials in Baltimore will be forced to condemn the coming acquittal of the six Baltimore police officers and then proceed to lead the riots ultimately consuming the city in an orgy of black violence?

All of this, mind you, being done in the name of a convicted heroin dealer.

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