May God Bless You, Mr. Watson. And May God Bless Your Children and Your Children’s Children.

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2019

This man literally discovered DNA. But he is evil now, because he thinks the difference in white and black DNA accounts for the difference in performance.

Make no mistake about it.

James Watson is falling on his sword – all the way on his sword – in the name of truth, science, justice and the future of the white race on planet earth.

He is also doing a secular version of the Christian concept of “building treasures in Heaven.” He knows that he will die with people believing in the bizarro world religious doctrine that “race is a social construct.” But he also knows that after his death, the order of truth will be restored, and he will stand vindicated.

After all, the idea that all races are exactly the same (save for skin color, bone structure, brain size, etc.) is a doctrine that only existed in the heads of a few Jews at Columbia when he was born in 1928, and would have been laughed at anywhere outside of the humanities departments of universities when he was making all of his scientific breakthroughs while in his twenties and thirties.

In fact, the issue did not become controversial until 1994, when The Bell Curve was published. And there was a gigantic discussion of the issue in academia at the time, and no one who sided with biological science was witch hunted and burned at the stakes as Watson has been.

He knows and I know that this illusion can only be sustained for a short period of time. Either civilization itself will fall – in which case, he will just be another evil “old white man,” and his legacy will disappear when negro cannibals burn the universities – or we will return to the sanity of science and rational thought, in which case he will be praised as a hero for falling on his sword in defense of truth in this dark age.

It is an easy bet to make for a man who understands that there is more to life than being praised as morally righteous by a decadent and depraved authoritarian voodoo system.


Ninety-year-old Nobel Prize-winning scientist James Watson has been stripped of his honorary titles by a leading American research institution, after doubling down on his controversial conclusions linking race and intelligence.

Despite nearly half a century service to the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL), Watson, a world-renowned geneticist, lost all of his honorary titles of Chancellor Emeritus, Oliver R. Grace Professor Emeritus and Honorary Trustee, for refusing to retract his own scientific conclusions.

In 2007, Watson was suspended from all of his positions held at the New York lab following a scandal centering around his claim about the “inherently gloomy” future of the African continent. “All our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours – whereas all the testing says not really,” he told the Times newspaper at the time.

That is a fact. It isn’t disputed that the testing shows this. No one disputes that.

Even when economic status and education level is included in the testing, Africans simply do not demonstrate anything close to the intelligence levels of whites and East Asians.

In fact, the children of black college graduates test slightly lower than the children of white high school dropouts.

What is disputed is something much more vague and weird, which is whether the results of these tests are actually due to something other than biology. They don’t say specifically what that something is. They throw suggestions out there, sometimes blaming white people for blacks having such low IQs.

While having initially issued an apology for his comments, allowing him to maintain his honorary titles at the CSHL, when asked more than a decade later whether his views about race and intelligence have changed, he told the PBS documentary they haven’t.

Not at all. I would like for them to have changed, that there be new knowledge that says that your nurture is much more important than nature,” the scientist was quoted as saying in a recently previewed PBS documentary, titled American Masters: Decoding Watson. “There’s a difference on the average between blacks and whites on IQ tests. I would say the difference is, it’s genetic.

This is the definition of “honor.”

Right here, kids.

The university referred to his statements as being “unsubstantiated” remarks.

Of course, he did not say this as absolute fact. He simply stated that his own opinion had not changed, and suggested that it was possible for new research to emerge which would paint a different picture.

He also expressed regret over the fact that there hasn’t been any new research to show that differences in performance are due to environmental factors. And I can share that regret.

It would certainly be a lot easier to deal with the world if the Jews were correct, and biological differences between humans did not exist.

Let me tell you: regardless of what the Jews at the SPLC and the NYT claim, I do not harbor any “hatred for the color of the skin.” My entire belief system is based around the scientific reality that there are biological differences between the races. If having slightly uglier grandchildren would be the only negative consequence of the globalist interracialist agenda, I would not have given my life for the cause of fighting for the continued existence of white people.

The differences in intelligence do exist, and they are going to shape the future. If we allow for the Jewish-globalist agenda to succeed, it will mean that our grandchildren will at best be living at the level of a Brazilian ghetto.

And their own children will at best return to stone age conditions, such as those we see in primitive Africa.

I say “at best” on that count, because it may well be impossible for a primitive Negroid-based race to return to a primitive lifestyle in 150 or 200 years. Most or all of the natural world will have been destroyed after the initial wave of half-breeds takes over white civilization. Furthermore, the ways of primitive life will have been lost. So it may simply be that this program will lead to complete extermination of all life on earth beyond the level of the insect, as cannibals eat one another and all other living things as they sweep across the remains of a dead earth.

If the Jews were to have their way.

Of course, currently it does appear that the Chinese will not allow the Jews to have their way, and will maintain a technological civilization as the white world drives itself into extinction at the behest of crazed Jewish overlords.

Though I cannot be certain that Jews will not overrun China, it appears that they probably will not, and will only take the white man down with them.

So I guess this is some consolation.

But it isn’t very much consolation.

Though life will continue on earth, the Chinese will continue their program of breeding for homogeneity, and will ultimately become an insect-like race of identical beings, all with an IQ of 108, with no geniuses and no innovation, simply maintaining the level of technological innovation that whites brought to them forever.

If the white man disappeared and China remained, you could return in a million years and the only difference in their civilization would be that they look more the same than they do already.

Oh, and the rest of the yellow Asians will have been absorbed by China into a singular hive. Because all “China” ever really was was an Asian social construct for wiping out differences in the Asiatic race. But a million years from now, if we do not push them into something different, they will be using the same cellphones, playing the same terrible MMORPGs, using the same robot factories to ship the same consumer goods.

And doing the same dragon festivals, saying the same thing about how great it is to be Chinese.

It is not the ideal future for a planet that showed such great potential just a hundred years ago.

Furthermore, there is more than simply “the continuation of life” to be considered here. On a fundamental level, I feel that I have a duty to my ancestors to continue on what they created. I know that this concept is considered absolutely ridiculous to the boomer generation (and most of those born from it), but it was the norm before that: people felt as though their parents and grandparents had given them something that they had a duty to pass on to their own children and grandchildren.

I feel that duty. In order to understand why I feel that duty, someone would presumably have to do a psychological test on me. But it exists, and it is heavy on my soul.

In actual fact, if were to indulge myself ever so slightly I would say that I feel very often that I am Leto II, and that I have the burden of all of the generations that came before me whispering to me, demanding that I push forward with the Golden Path. It feels to me that there is a great destiny which wishes to unfold in this universe, but that if men do not fight for it, it can and will be crushed under the weight of evil.

Framing what I do as “hate” is utterly childish and, upon further examination, totally nonsensical.

However, it is much easier to have a discussion on these issues based on the premise that one side is pure evil and simply hates people – and wants to sadistically harm them – because of the color of their skin, while the other side is morally righteous and only wants all people to live in harmony.

If the discussion is framed in terms of one side believing that there is scientific evidence that black and brown-skinned people are less evolved, and thus the outcome of race-mixing in a technological society is going to be utter catastrophe, and another side that simply wants to silence and destroy anyone who questions any of their assumptions, which are forwarded for purely philosophical purposes, then it becomes much more difficult.

That is why James Watson has to be made example of. He has to have his life destroyed so that no one else will dare come out and state the obvious, for fear of retribution. Because they are able to claim that I am a “neo-Nazi white supremacist that hates the color of the skin,” but it is much harder to claim that high-level scientists meet that particular definition.

The Jews will crucify a 90-year-old man without thinking twice about it, right out there in full public view, for believing things that were taken as obvious fact when he was 60 if they believe it is necessary to protect their agenda.