MAX LELX: Bay Area Transit Authority Says Showing CCTV Crime Footage Would be Racist

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 11, 2017

The problem that we have here is that pretty much all crimes in this country are committed by nonwhites.

So to report on these crimes is nothing short of pure and unadulterated hatred for the color of the skin.

And that’s a big, big no-no.

No one deserves to be judged simply because they commit violent crimes at an astonishing and mind-boggling rate.


Public transportation officials serving California’s San Francisco Bay area have refused to release surveillance camera videos of crime incidents, saying that doing so would “create a racial bias” and accusing the media of exploiting them for ratings.

Yes. The media is controlled by racist whites.

And by “racist whites,” I mean of course white-skinned people who are driven by an irrational hatred for the pigmentation of the skin of those of a darker tone.

Last week, the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) announced it was no longer issuing press statements about criminal incidents within the system, but sharing the data with the website instead.

“Furthermore, disproportionate elevation of crimes on transit interfaces with local media in such a way to unfairly affect and characterize riders of color, leading to sweeping generalizations in media reports and a high level of racially insensitive commentary directed toward the District through our social media channels, email, and call centers,” assistant general manager Kerry Hamill said in the announcement.

The fact that persons of color (POCs) commit vastly more violent crime – in fact, potentially all violent crime – doesn’t mean that they should be believed to commit violent crime.

BART’s Kerry Hamill: Crusader for racial justice

This prompted Debora Allen, member of the BART board of directors, to ask what skin color had to do with anything, according to an email exchange published by San Francisco’s KPIX-TV.

In her response, Hamill pointed to responses received after a June 30 incident, when a woman on a train had her phone snatched away by one of “about a dozen teenagers,” who got off the train at the Coliseum stop in Oakland.

The incident prompted a voicemail that “used racist and incendiary language” and many social media posts “used patently offensive language that often involved racial slurs,” Hamill wrote, adding that “no news articles ever referenced the race of the offenders yet some members of the public leapt to their own conclusions.”


Even when the media has a policy of not reporting the race of the violent criminals, when people are able to see video of the violent criminals, they are able to ascertain their race.

And that has to stop.

We need to make it clear that even though all violent crime is committed by nonwhites, that is irrelevant.

Or maybe it is relevant, but the only relevancy is that they do this because of slavery hundreds of years ago. And also because of microaggressions against them.

In other words, it is white people’s fault.

Two days prior to that incident, on June 28, a group of four teens attacked a passenger and made off with a cell phone at Dublin station. Another major incident happened at the Coliseum stop on April 22, when some 40-60 teenagers boarded the train, robbed seven passengers, and beat up two.

BART is refusing to release the surveillance footage from the three incidents.


The footage would simply fuel the faulty and wrong belief that just because it is blacks committing the crimes, that black people are responsible for the crimes.

“If we were to regularly feed the news media video of crimes on our system that involve minority suspects, particularly when they are minors, we would certainly face questions as to why we were sensationalizing relatively minor crimes and perpetuating false stereotypes in the process,” Hamill wrote.

The fact that all violent crime is committed by blacks, if the goyim are allowed to know this, simply fuels a false stereotype that all violent crime is committed by blacks.

California’s law protecting “juvenile police records” prevents the agency from showing the surveillance video, BART spokesman Taylor Huckaby told KPIX. One of the people arrested for the April 22 attack is 19, the outlet noted. Even if the faces of juveniles were blurred, Huckaby says, watching the videos would be “pointless gawking.”

Because a blurred face doesn’t cover the race.

And that is what the important thing here is: hiding the race of the perpetrators of crimes from the public so the public doesn’t get the totally wrong, stereotypical impression that nonwhites commit crimes.

Hamill agreed, saying that “the media’s real interest in the videos of youth phone snatching incidents isn’t the desire for transparency but rather the pursuit of ratings.” The public can be fully informed about crimes that happen on BART “without being shown images that will inflame some members of the public and paint the transit agency in a poor and ultimately misleading light,” she added in the email to Allen.

The board member is not convinced.

“I think people are genuinely concerned ‒ they are fearful about the stories that have come out about the recent attacks, the assaults, the thefts,” Allen told KPIX. “What is the priority of BART? Is the safety of the passenger ‒ of all passengers ‒ is that a lesser priority than the race bias issue?”

Is that supposed to be some kind of sick joke?

Of course protecting from racial bias is more important than safety.

It’s current year!

Hamill says the media sensationalize reports of crime on trains, and that in the days following the June 30 phone-snatching incidents there were over 118 assaults and 33 robberies in the area immediately surrounding the Coliseum station.

“All of these incidents were ignored by local media,” she wrote, adding, “They know that video of these events will drive clicks to their websites and viewers to their programs because people are motivated by fear.”

You see.

It’s just that simple.

118 assaults and 33 robberies – all committed by blacks – but because there is no footage of the events available to the public, it doesn’t get reported.

Meaning that the only reason the media reports assaults is because they hate blacks.

Or of course, maybe they report it based on whether or not they have footage of it happening.

Either way, the important thing is to protect blacks from stereotypes by not showing them committing crimes. Obviously, this will lead to white people believing that the BART is safe, and then lead to them being attacked by blacks. But that is a very, very small price to pay to protect the feelings of a people so victimized as the blacks.

After all, these people went through slavery.


Can you even imagine that?

Maybe you should try watching Roots, and see if it jogs as few circuits in your racist nogin.

This right here is exactly the kind of imagery we do not need released to the public when we are trying to falsely prove that blacks are not the main perpetrators of crime on the BART.