MAX CUCK: Gavin McInnes in Israel Says Jews are “So Nice” They Think It’s Moral to Help ISIS

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 10, 2017

Back in 2015, when I was regularly mocking Gavin McInnes over his attempt to infiltrate the Alt-Right and fill it with love for the Jews on behalf of Ezra Levant, I wrote a satire thing.

From it:

An insider from the cuckold community has contacted the Daily Stormer with details about Gavin McInnes’ plan to take cuckolding to the next level.

According to the source, McInnes plans to live-stream a “cuckolding extravaganza” from the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem, where he will, being completely nude save for a yarmulke, bob his head against the Jew wall in front of a council of Jewish rabbis, who will then watch him as he masturbates and watches his wife get gang-banged by no fewer than 30 Eritrean asylum seekers who the government of Israel has agreed to temporarily release from their concentration camp for the live stream event, presented by Jew Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media.

Through the dark powers of Meme Magick, this has basically come true.

Gavin McInnes has traveled to Israel with his Jewish master Ezra Levant and is filming videos praising the Jews. Literally, bowing down and praising them.

There is a whole series released by Rebel Media over the last few days, but one in particular is worth mentioning.

Here, McInnes goes to the Golan Heights – land stolen from Syria by the Jews during the six-day war – and talks about how Israelis are “too nice” and too concerned about morality in their struggle against the Eternal Arab.

He goes so far as to mention the Jews giving medical treatment to ISIS soldiers, saying that they do this because they believe it’s morally right.

In fact, Israelis have no compunction in slaughtering Arabs like dogs, as a general rule. The reason they give medical treatment to ISIS is that they support ISIS in their war against the secular, elected government of Bashir al-Assad.

He also says that Israelis hate Donald Trump – because they think he’s too mean. In actual fact, they hate him because he isn’t going along with the Jewish agenda, either domestically or in the Middle East.

This sort of reality-warping nonsense is par for the course over at Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media. Earlier this week, The Rebel released a video with a Somalian talking about how the Alt-Right is “stupid” because they complain about whites being genocided and take issue with non-whites stealing their women. He condemned the concept of racial segregation and claimed that race has no bearing on culture.

(I commented on that video here.)

How ironic it is that this “Dear White People” Buzzfeed-style video was released at the same time as the organization had a team in Israel praising the racial segregation policies of that country.

One YouTube commenter pointed out this hypocrisy in the comments section of the McInnes Golan video:

And you want to take this to a whole other level – McInnes solicited DONATIONS to go to film this Israeli adventure.

He actually showed Kevin MacDonald’s “Culture of Critique” and David Duke’s “Jewish Supremacy,” then showed Alan Dershowitz’ “Case for Israel” and said he wanted to go to Israel to prove anti-Semites wrong – and he needs your money to do it.

wew lads.

The fact that he showed MacDonald and Duke’s books shows that Rebel Media understands their audience is Alt-Right and aware of the Jewish problem – normies don’t know what those books are – but they somehow believe they can convert them into loving Jews. Also, they know that we share the work of these two men, and they think they can preempt people converting to our way of thinking by attacking these books – so that when people have these books suggested to them, they remember it and think “oh yeah, I remember this – Gavin McInnes told me these are evil Jew haters I shouldn’t believe.”

I almost feel bad for Gavin McInnes, being forced to humiliate himself to this extent, literally sticking things up his ass for Jews.

Just look at him at the end of the video in Israel praising the Jews:

He is a destroyed man.

His soul has been crushed.

He sold out of VICE before it blew up, and he apparently blew all that money and he has a wife accustomed to New York living he’s gotta feed. Just trying to make a buck, the poor dumb bastard.

As for Ezra Levant and Rebel Media – they’ve pretty well blown all credibility by releasing the kill whitey video while they’re in Israel praising the Jew race policies. Basically, normies who dismissed us as paranoid when they heard us saying all of this stuff about Jews trying to destroy the white race while promoting extreme racialism in Israel are seeing this like “welp. looks like the Nazis were right after all.”

The incredible thing is that Jews like Ezra Levant won’t just say “yeah, whites, you do deserve your own country – and so do we, the Jews! We can be friends and have our own countries together!” Unlike open “it’s only for us and not the goyim” rhetoric, this “we can both do it” argument actually works to get people to support Israel. It’s the strategy Geert Wilders uses in his shilling for the Jews, and he’s exceedingly popular.

In the scheme of things though, destroying whites is just too important to the Jews. It’s their prime directive. So they can’t help but say “you have to be flooded with non-whites while we keep our country racially pure.”