Massachusetts: Obese Dindu Bludgeons 82-Year-Old White Man to Death with a Lamp

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
July 3, 2019

Leedell Graham.

There are like 30 blacks living in the 97% white town in which this brutal murder occurred.

And the perpetrator just so happened to be one of them.

What are the odds?!

CBS Local:

A man was arrested for a brutal murder in Groveland last week, the first killing in the town in 27 years.

Leedell Graham, 48, of Haverhill, was arraigned Friday in Haverhill District Court on one count of murder in the death of 82-year-old Patsy Schena. He will be held without bail.

Schena was found dead in his home on Governors Road June 21. The Essex District Attorney’s Office called the crime “shocking and brutal.”

In court, prosecutors said the murder weapon was a lamp, found in a bag of items Graham took from the home.

Also in the bag were Schena’s keys, a piece of jewelry, and knife handle, prosecutors said, and the knife’s blade was found in Schena’s house.

According to prosecutors, Graham is seen on surveillance video going into Schena’s home on at 4:16 p.m. on June 21. Schena returned home at 4:23 p.m. and Graham walked out at 4:30 p.m. The medical examiner determined Schena died of blunt and sharp force trauma.

Schena was well-known in town. He was a longtime Groveland building inspector and an antique seller, described as a friendly and fair gentleman.

There’s no word yet on a motive.

Graham was recently released from prison, where he was serving time for drug charges.

Patsy Schena.