Marxist Tim Wise Supporter Charged with a Felony for Punching Cop Right in the Balls

Daily Stormer
March 14, 2015

    This vile and mean spirited Tim Wise supporter punched a police officer in the balls.
This vile and mean spirited Tim Wise supporter punched a police officer in the balls.

The Traditionalist Youth Network’s protest against the subversive White hating Jew Tim Wise in Bloomington, Indiana the other day was a tremendous success.  It helped show the world what a bunch of faggots and retarded pussies our opposition is.

Despite false claims by Wise that we wanted a violent confrontation, it was his own supporters who were the one’s engaging in violent behavior.  One of Wise’s brainwashed supporters named Meranda Prince was arrested after assaulting one of the protesters.  She also punched a police officer in the balls, resulting in further charges being pressed against her.

Indiana Daily Student:

Bloomington police 
arrested Meranda Prince, a 22-year-old Bloomington resident, on preliminary charges of battery and battery on a police officer Wednesday.

Prince was part of a large group counter-protesting the Traditional Youth Network on Wednesday before a lecture delivered by author Tim Wise in the Indiana Memorial Union.

The TYN group was protesting anti-racism author Tim Wise’s lecture in the IMU.

There were between 10 and 15 protesters and between 40 and 50 counter-protesters at the beginning of the protests at the Sample Gates, according to Capt. Joe Qualters.

The battery charges occurred near Fourth and Walnut streets after the protesters marched west on 
Kirkwood Avenue, turned south on College Avenue, then east on Fourth Street.

According to the arrest report, the counter-protesters “chased” the TYN group.

After Officer Randy Gehlhausen arrived on Fourth Street, he witnessed Prince run behind a male protester and strike him in the head. The officer tried to arrest her on the charge of battery, but she pinched and grabbed his arm hair, according to the report. She then struck his genitals, resulting in pain.

Once in handcuffs, Prince was placed in an IU Police Department squad car. She was charged with battery, a Class B misdemeanor, and battery on a police officer resulting in 
injury, a Level 6 felony.

“It’s really difficult to tell who’s going to be violent,” Qualters said after describing the police report during press time. “Our obligation is to ensure that the rights of both groups are in place … You also need to make sure that public safety is 
not at risk.”

Actually, officer, it’s really quite easy to tell who’s going to be violent: the rabid Marxist parasites are always going to be violent, and the proud White nationalists are always going to be civilized and upstanding citizens. This is because drug-addled Judeo-Bolshevik scumbags cannot debate like reasonable human beings, and so have to resort to violence and intimidation in order to shut down their opposition.

Once again, these antifa faggots have revealed their true colors.

This type of vile behavior by this Wise supporter is mean-spirited and wrong.  I am calling on Wise to immediately denounce this criminal behavior.  If he does not do so, then it leads me to believe that he fully approves of his followers punching police officers in the balls.

This shows yet again, that these Jewish financed Marxists, anti-fascists and anti-racists are the one’s who are actually engaging in violent behavior.  Wise’s supporters not only embarrassed themselves with their retarded counter protest but embarrassed Wise himself who openly supported these violent and angry individuals.

Yes, goyim. I am one of you and I hate myself. Join me.

Daily Slave contributed to this report.

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