Man ODs on Drugs; Woman Exploits Chance to Bask in Social Media Attention

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
November 2, 2018

As we all know, women are the ones hit worst by any tragedy. Especially if the person actually directly affected by the tragedy is a man.

Take this example.

In this clip: a woman gaping like a fish into the camera and shrieking.

According to her, she felt a wave of grief coming on and just felt compelled to turn the phone on and start recording.

This is what women do. They seize any opportunity that they can to divert attention to themselves and elicit sympathy, effectively making the tragedy about themselves.

In other words, “my brother OD’d on heroin, and look how much I’M hurting.”


And you know… grief is cheap.

Women are good at grief because it doesn’t require much from them.

Take the routine procedure that women do after a terrorist attack. Laying flowers and lighting candles and crying softly for the cameras.

Then they talk about the tragedy of the situation. And they never ask why the tragedy occurred. Or how more like it can be prevented. Or God forbid assess their role in the tragedy.

Same thing here, really.

Bad things just happen and women use them as an opportunity to look good and to emote for the cameras.

Whether it’s one person or 100 people, modern women don’t really seem to care.

It’s all just an opportunity for them. 

If we really want to punish these women, we should just take the cameras on their phones away.