Man Loses Home to Boomer Occupation Neighborhood Lawn Inspection Squad

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2019

You may think that you live in the land of the free and the home of the brave… but the heavens will open and rain down righteous petty old people wrath on you for not keeping your grass short.

Fox News:

Dunedin’s Jim Ficken tells FOX 13 he may be about to lose his home because his grass grew too high.

According to Jim and his attorneys, while he was out of town last summer, taking care of his late mother’s estate, his grass grew and grew and grew. He says he paid a friend to cut it, but that friend died unexpectedly.

”The grass did what grass does… and a code inspector saw it was more than the 10 inches the city allows and Jim was on the hook,” said Andrew Ward, one of Jim’s attorneys from the Institute for Justice. 

SHALL NOT BE… higher than 10 inches.

It’s in the Constitution. The Boomer Constitution, that is:

Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of a Better Lawn Than Bob From Across the Street

The man in question must have been some kind of a sicko to not do everything in his power to mow his lawn anyway.

He had to be kicked out.

But seriously though, can we just admit that this obsession with lawn care is bizarre?

Where did it even come from? You don’t have it in Europe.

I assume that, like all the bizarre rules and customs that you have in America, this one had something to do with White people coming up with another ingenious and indirect way of keeping the blacks at bay without being explicitly racist. Because non-Whites don’t care about their lawns as much as Whites do, you can, in theory, aggressively fine them until they leave your neighborhood.

As time went on though, the Dao of the Lawn was corrupted and people began to forget why the laws and teachings of intensive lawn care were put in place to begin with: to defend Americans from the savage brown inner-city hordes.

The Boomers began to lose their way. 

They began following the letter of the law and secretly measuring the inches on people’s lawns while they were at work to try and get them fined, instead of just using the law to keep their neighborhoods White and tick-free.

The law can go too far. I ask you thusly: would Boomer Jesus have done the same to this poor man?

The law can go too far.

It’s time we reel back the lawn care cult before they ruin anyone else’s life with their zealotry.

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  1. Boomers care more about their lawn turning brown than their country. Insulated and made soft in their gated communities, they fight for nothing except for control of the little area they control. They care for no one but themselves.

  2. Never ever buy in a covenanted neighborhood if you don’t want to empower your neighbors to endlessly torment you into compliance.

  3. I actually had a discussion with a European about this.

    It’s apparently a status-signaling mechanism, where ordinary Americans adopted the practice of aristocratic European estates in having manicured lawns (except Eurocrats had massive estate lawns and even the best American ones are dinky and unimpressive by comparison).

    However, (because of the status aspect and the pettiness of virtually all Boomers related to anything having to do with social status), Americans do it with these tiny lawns and it’s kind of ironic that the best Boomerlawn wouldn’t hold up to the saddest, most abandoned estate lawn it’s patterned after (simply due to scale).

    The person I was talking to laughed at the pettiness of the entire phenomenon.

    As with so much, the pseudo-autistic desire of Whites to hold themselves above other Whites (especially based on nonsensical and arbitrary metrics) is tearing our people down.

  4. Home owner associations are commie training simulations; except rather than kill you for not following their myriad of regulations they drag your ass into court and loot your bank account / steal your house. Dealt with this once and was thrilled to get out. Never again.

  5. You’re right, but the boomers are to blame too, as they have this idea in their head (of course, it’s implanted by Jews) that they should be able to sell their 1960s starter homes for double or triple what they originally paid for them in the 1960s and 1970s… Not to even mention inflation and the high cost-of-living and the abysmal purchasing power of the dollar now compared to back then…

    My boomer parents are actually sitting on three different homes right now, and they can’t understand why nobody will buy them… But it’s because they want (and expect, and demand) three or four times what they originally got them all for… And that’s just insane to me…

    Also, I am renting to own from my own parents… And my rent takes up most of my current income…

    But these boomers do not seem to understand the whole concept about continuity and then the old concept of family estates… They have no desire to try to raise up and help the future generations to try to gain a foothold in the world early on… Because they are fundamentally just selfish and self-interested…

  6. That is a fucking fantastic line!

  7. You just described my Father to a T

    Lawns should become gardens,sunflower, berry bushes, fruit trees, nut trees, and small grain and tuber fields.

    Grass is useless, all that water and soil wasted on a plant that demands your cultivation but gives you nothing back.

  8. The flat American lawn gardens are so weird. This is what a garden should look like

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