Man Convicted for Brutal 1979 Murder (His Color Might Surprise You)

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 7, 2019

Prentice Foreman.

J/k, he was black.

There is nothing surprising about this at all.


Four decades later, someone has been held responsible for the brutal slaying of Dawn Koons.

A Kern County jury Wednesday convicted Prentice Foreman of murder in the 18-year-old’s death at her southwest Bakersfield apartment.

He showed little reaction to the verdict, sighing deeply but remaining silent.

Foreman, 61, was arrested two years ago after his DNA matched to semen found at the crime scene. Foreman and the blonde waitress lived in the same apartment complex on South Real Road in 1979.

That’s when Koons’ nude body was discovered in her bathtub. Her head was covered with a pillow case and she’d died from asphyxiation, possibly strangled or smothered.

Prosecutor Gina Pearl said after Wednesday’s hearing she was “very pleased” with the verdict, and grateful for all the work the Bakersfield Police Department Kern Regional Crime Lab and other investigators put into the case.

While most of her family was deceased by the time an arrest was made in 2017, 17 News spoke with one family member who told us Koons was kind, funny, adventurous and just finding her way through life like most of us at that age when she was killed.

Foreman is scheduled to be sentenced July 10 and faces 25 years to life in prison.

Dawn Koons.

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  5. White%20Victims%20of%20Black%20Crime%20-%201567%20-%20Dawn%20Ellen%20Koons


    January 13, 1979

    Location: Bakersfield,CA

    Victim(s): Dawn Ellen Koons 18

    Attacker(s): Prentice Foreman

    Description: Foreman, who had been stalking Dawn since she moved into the same apartment complex that he lived in, attacked her in her apartment. He beat her, then bound her hands with a telephone cord, before raping her. He then strangled her to death after throwing a pillowcase over her head, leaving her nude body in her bathtub. He was tied to the crime nearly 40 years later by DNA evidence. Link(s): Foreman is arrested. Foreman is convicted. Another story on the conviction. Report on Foreman’s conviction. Dawn’s find a grave memorial. A blog entry about the case. A story about the DNA evidence in the case. The death penalty will not be pursued. Additional story on the conviction. Koons surname info Koons surname info house of names.

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