Make Africa Great… Ivanka Travels to Africa to Promote Feminism, Land IMF Job

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 15, 2019

I’m really coming around to Ivanka.

At first, I was against her because of the whole weird surrogate wife relationship that she had with her father and her continued sabotaging of the MAGA agenda to appease her social circle in New York.

But then I realized that Ivanka had her eyes on the prize: spreading liberal cancer values to the Third World to undercut them.


President Donald Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, is in Ethiopia to promote a US government initiative aimed at advancing women’s participation in the workplace.

The initiative aims to benefit 50 million women in developing countries by 2025.

Excellent plan, Ivanka.

Promoting Feminism in brown countries will slash their out-of-control reproductive rate and send the country spiraling into chaos as women begin to wage war on their menfolk and wreck their nations, just like they did in formerly White countries.

Ms Trump toured a female-run textile facility in the capital, Addis Ababa.

The W-GDP initiative aims to train women worldwide to help them get well-paying jobs.

According to the W-GDP’s website, low participation of women in the formal labour markets impedes economic growth and poverty reduction in developing countries.

The project is financed by a $50m (£38m) fund within the US international development aid agency (USAid).

“Fundamentally we believe that investing in women is a smart development policy and it’s smart business. It is also in our security interests because women when they are empowered they foster peace and stability and we have seen this play out time and time again,” Ms Trump said as she met women working in the coffee industry.

Ms Trump, who serves as an adviser to her father, will also attend a World Bank policy summit while in Ethiopia.

She will visit Ivory Coast later in the week and is set to visit a cocoa farm, as well as participate in a meeting on economic opportunities for women in West Africa.

It’s obvious that Ivanka is angling for a Globo-Gyno job in the World Bank.

Donald Trump already spilled the beans that he’s shopping around, looking for a position to put his daughter into that will shore up her credentials with the rootless cosmopolitan class.

Politico (April 12):

President Donald Trump considered nominating his oldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, to lead the World Bank, according to an interview published Friday in which he also talked up his daughter’s future presidential bona fides.

In an interview with The Atlantic, the president showered praise over all of his children, noting that his oldest son, Donald Trump Jr., a frequent fixture at political rallies, had really enjoyed his foray into politics, as has son Eric Trump.

But the president was especially complimentary of a Trump child who has mostly stayed quiet about her political ambitions: Ivanka Trump. He even confirmed he’d considered picking her for a post in his administration.

Calling Ivanka Trump a “natural diplomat,” Donald Trump argued that “she would’ve been great at the United Nations” but indicated that public scrutiny held him back. 

I don’t believe that for a second. When has public scrutiny ever held Trump back when it came to doing something for his beloved Ivanka?

So now she’s doing the whole, “I blessed the rains down in Africa” thing where she travels around and promotes American shitlib values in exchange for making it rain foreign aid money and IMF credit. This is, no doubt, supposed to fluff up her resume a bit before she makes her bid.

The most enraging thing about Ivanka is that she’s encouraging women to go into the workplace and calling it empowering when she’s never had to work a day in her life. Running a luxury brand of clothing/baubles by piggy-backing off your father’s name isn’t work. She prances around these African factories and meets with these women business owners as if she’s one of them.

But she is just a spoiled brat that was given everything by daddy.

Nepotism doesn’t even begin to describe it. And it will probably be her downfall. She’s been hanging around Jews too much for her own good and thinks that she can act as brazenly as they do, and no doubt thinks she will be shielded from criticism because she’s a convert and is now under their protection.

To some extent, this is probably true – even though the Kushner family seems to be strongly disliked by world Jewry so even that isn’t a guarantee.

But normal Americans don’t see her as an untouchable Holocaust ™ survivor – they see her as the spoiled brat of a man who promised them so much, but only succeeded in guaranteeing an illustrious career for his favorite child after his presidency. They won’t be so charitable towards Ivanka once Trump is gone.

It would be best for her if she began her slow retreat from the political limelight now, while she still can.

But it is clear that she’s acquired a taste for politics and thinks that she can swim with the sharks now. Once the MAGA aura that surrounds her begins to fade after the Trump presidency, she’ll get attacked by the same people who supported her father – not that their voices count for much. Apart from that, her term at whatever job she manages to secure for herself will be marked by incompetence and snickering from the shitlib socialite circle that she works so desperately to please.

The whole thing is so pathetic.

I wish Ivanka wasn’t a thing, but she clearly is and we’re all going to have to face the reality that we have a younger, hotter and dumber Hillary Clinton in American politics now.

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