Majority of Texan Trump Supporters Want Secession from USA if Hillary is Elected

Daily Stormer
August 19, 2016

A new poll from the Cultural Marxist Public Policy Foundation says that three out of five Texan Trump supporters support secession if Hillary wins.

Of course, the coverage of these poll results are being reported using the full-spectrum attack mode the left goes into whenever something really scares the crap out of them. Some ridicule, some denounce, some gloat at their alleged upcoming victory over a people they’ve long seen as an enemy: Texans.

And what is this alleged victory? Why, the demographic displacement of the traditional Texan people to the point that the state turns blue. That’s what #TurnTexasBlue is all about.

The Democrats and their cuckservative counterparts in the GOP have been working at breakneck speed for decades to elect a new people.

The Atlantic:

Democrats have been predicting that Texas would turn their way for years, arguing that the rising Hispanic population there would make the state competitive in presidential races after decades of voting reliably for Republicans.

That means that once they have enough dirty wetbacks Texas stealing jobs from blue collar Texans and lowering our wages while living on welfare and refusing to report income or pay their taxes, that all they have to do is either make it legal for them to vote, or find a way to get enough of them to vote illegally, and they can drag Texas behind their iron curtain, successfully having rendered this once great nation and state into a chaotic hellhole on which Whites will never again have a political voice.

That shift has yet to occur. The GOP margin actually grew between 2008 and 2012, and recent statewide races for senator and governor haven’t been close, either.

Translation: They haven’t figured out how to get all the illegals to vote yet.

It also shows a growing fear of the obvious, in-your-face demographic displacement being forced on us from Washington D.C., and the average voter is looking to the GOP to act as a bulwark against it. Until Trump, this was a laughable strategy for the most part.

And this has the Marxists quaking with fear, because, despite the nay-saying, Texas truly is the most likely state to secede.

Supporters nearly succeeded earlier this year in getting the state Republican Party to endorse a referendum on the question modeled on the Scottish independence vote that occurred in the U.K. two years ago.

And there have been lots of other signs that Texas is more ready to go with each passing day.

GOP delegates prevented a resolution backing a statewide vote from being added to the party platform in May.

It was defeated by TWO VOTES, and this was a vote of basic bitch GOP delegates.


Near-miss shows the Texas Nationalist Movement is becoming more mainstream

Daily Mail:

Texas secessionists were narrowly defeated after nearly forcing the state Republican Party to vote on their cause.

A committee of Texas GOP leaders threw out drafted language in the party platform that supported a referendum on Texas leaving the United States Thursday – but only by a tiny margin.

The political platform fell just two votes shy of going to the convention floor of nearly 4,000 delegates.

So the Jewish media and the political establishment can giggle all they like, Texas Secession is becoming mainstream, and, given the right set of circumstances, could certainly happen at any time.

I’ve always been a proud Texan and have supported Texas Independence. We can handle our problems much better if allowed to do so as we see fit.

I guarantee you, if we’d had control of our affairs for the last few decades Texas would not be overrun with foreigners and we wouldn’t be bending over to please gays, minorities and every other kind of anti-Texan degenerate that exists.

But I don’t want to go just yet. When Glorious Leader is elected, I’d like Texas to stay in and help Make America Great Again! Maybe even enlist in a Trump Deportation Force!

But if they elect another anti-White, Open Borders Globalist like Hillary, it’s on!


It’s as good a reason as any!