Mainstream Media is Now Covering the Geneticists Who Worked on the Project Saying Cheddar Man was White

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 3, 2018

So they’ve been pushing a completely insane narrative in the Jewish media and Jewish academia for over a decade now, which goes:

  • Race does not exist
  • White people are responsible for the oppression of all other races
  • White people are the only race that does not have any culture
  • White people need immigrants to give them culture
  • White people deserve to be flooded with immigrants as punishment for slavery, colonialism, the Holocaust, etc.

With Cheddar Man, they literally decided to come out and say “actually, white people are really just niggers, lol.”

Of course, the skin of the model was colored arbitrarily, and over a week ago, geneticists who worked on the project have come out and said that they actually have no idea what color Cheddar Man’s skin was. But that wasn’t getting widely reported. Because the whole purpose of making the claim in the first place was to push a political agenda.

It was printed in New Scientist and was behind a paywall, and I thought they were just going to disappear it.

Now, however, we are getting mainstream coverage.

Daily Mail:

Cheddar man may not have been ‘dark to black skinned’ after all. 

Last month, researchers claimed that they had been able to accurately reconstruct the face of the ‘first Brit’ based on his DNA – and sensationally revealed he had black skin and blue eyes.

But now, one of the main scientists who helped create the reconstruction of his 10,000-year-old face says he may not have been black at all. 

Geneticist Susan Walsh at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, says we simply don’t know his skin colour.

While her computer model shows being black is his ‘probable profile’, DNA testing is not advanced enough to say for certain.

The 10,000-year-old bones of the ancient Briton were unearthed in Somerset in 1903, and have puzzled scientists ever since.

A team of experts, including Professor Walsh, recently created a computer model that tries to predict a person’s skin pigmentation, hair and eye colour, purely from their genes.

The test focused on 36 points of comparison in 16 genes, which are all linked to skin colour.

Dr Walsh and her colleagues analysed genetic data taken from more than 1,400 people.

They were mainly from Europe and the US, but also included people from Africa and Papua New Guinea.

Part of this data was used to train their model on how to recognise skin colour by looking at links with the 36 genetic markers.

The rest of the data was used to test how well the model could predict skin colour from DNA alone.

The model came up with ‘black’ or ‘dark black’ skin for Cheddar Man based on his DNA.

Some, particularly on the far-right, have questioned whether there was a political agenda behind the claims.

Dr Walsh believes that the tests can’t prove Cheddar Man’s skin colour and that his DNA may have degraded over the past 10,000 years. 


So, that’s how they get you.

They just make shit up, report it as fact.

Using biology for political purposes is not new. The entire issue of race was effectively removed from science itself following WWII, as it was argued by the Jews that even talking about race would lead to annodah shoah, so the official “race doesn’t exist” line became gospel.

Of course when they are hoaxing you that you are actually a nigger, race all of the sudden starts existing again.

The other interesting factoid that got rolled over in this whole thing is that Cheddar Man only shares 10% DNA with modern Brits. Furthermore, none of his features are negroid, and the study made a point to state that he wasn’t somehow African. So it was meaningless even in its original form, but the fact that they released the model with the skin coloring being virtually arbitrary – wow.

This is just psychological abuse of the goyim.