Macedonia Celebrates 75th Anniversary of Deporting the Kikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 12, 2018


It is a great day to remember.


Thousands of people marched in southern Macedonia on Sunday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the deportation and eventual death of almost the country’s entire Jewish population.

lol I wish.

There were more Jews in Europe AFTER the alleged “6 million gassings with bug spray” than BEFORE.

Don’t give me that shit, AP. The goyim already know.

Public officials, civic group representatives and relatives of former Macedonian Jews who came from Israel, Latin America and the United States participated in the event in Bitola and lay flowers and wreaths at a Menorah Jewish monument.

Macedonia was a province of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia when it was occupied by Germany during World War II and then turned over to the Nazis’ Bulgarian allies to run. More than 7,000 Jews from the cities of Skopje, Bitola and Stip were confined to ghettos in March 1943 before being deported to the Nazis’ Treblinka death camp in German-occupied Poland. Ninety-eight percent of Macedonia’s Jews perished there. Bitola lost its entire Jewish community of 3,144.

I can’t even believe they still have the nerve to call Treblinka of all places a “death camp.” They can sort of get away with it with Auschwitz, because they bulldozed all the structures there and built new fake ones, turning it into a death camp hoax Disneyland.

But Treblinka is just a field with a weird satanic monument.

There is no evidence of anything at all happening there. All of the evidence shows that it was simply a transit camp.

The International March of the Living, the official name of the commemoration, started in front of the monument to deported Jews, with wailing sirens signaling the start. People joined in the march along the same route that Jews were forced to take 75 years ago to the train station, where they were jammed into freight cars for the trip to the death camp.

Hundreds of carnations were laid on the railway tracks.

One of the few Jewish survivors, who was a baby at the time, came from Israel for the remembrance.

I am so sick of hearing about this idiot hoax.

The only Jews that died died of disease and starvation while the rest of the Axis-occupied territory was doing the same, because the allies committed an international war crime and bombed supply lines.

Even if it did happen – and believe me, I wish it would have – then who cares? Why is this historical event – an event which everyone who took part is in long dead – still being used to guilt trip white people?

This video deals with Treblinka.