Lowland Dindu and Wakandan Tree Ape Murder Young White Man in Cold Blood

Charles Martel
Daily Stormer
June 29, 2019

Maurice Powell and Marlon Mendenhall.

It sounds like this small pocket of whiteness has received its first true taste of diversity.

Start letting the nig-nogs in, sheriff, and this sort of thing is going to happen a hell of a lot more often.


FOX10 News is getting answers about a shocking and mysterious crime that is devastating a small community.

Wilcox County Sheriff’s Officials say 20-year-old Tim Fletcher of Pinehill was shot to death just outside Camden. The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency is now the lead investigative agency in the case. Wilcox County deputies said Fletcher was on his motorcycle when he was gunned down in cold blood.

The shooting happened just outside Camden along Highway 162. Maurice Powell, 17, and Marlon Mendenhall, 18, are charged with capital murder.

Wilcox County Sheriff Earnest Evans said, “We think there’s another suspect. He hasn’t been apprehended yet. May be a juvenile. We’re not sure.”

But the big question is motive. Sheriff Evans said authorities “don’t know the motive at the time.” He said there’s no indication the suspects knew the victim.

Evans said, “We don’t know whether it was drug activity or just meanness or what. We just don’t know.”

Court documents show Mendenhall was arrested on June 1 of this year on first-degree assault charges after he was accused of shooting a man in the leg with an assault rifle. The records also show he was out of jail on $50,000 bond when Fletcher was shot.

Court records also show Maurice Powell was arrested on first-degree domestic violence for the shooting of his stepfather, Larry Purnell, on June 1. Records show Purnell is the same man who is the alleged shooting victim of Mendenhall, also on the same day.

The crime has shocked the area.

Sheriff Evans said, “We’ve had this type of thing before, but not like this: someone being shot on a highway, murder, from there. It just doesn’t happen a whole lot here.”

John Fletcher.

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