London’s Terrorist Mayor Bans Pro-Trump Rally at US Embassy

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 15, 2018

Last week, Sadiq “Part & Parcel” Khan approved the flight of a 20-foot Trump baby balloon over London’s skies to protest the president’s much-publicized visit. He claimed that the controversial balloon (and the anti-Trump rally that accompanied it) was an expression of “free speech,” a value that his “fellow” Britons hold in high regard.

Predictably, it didn’t take long before Khan’s concept of “free speech” proved to be hypocritical and one-sided.

Having received news of a planned pro-Trump rally outside of London’s American embassy, Khan ordered the city’s premier ZOG footsoldiers – the Met police – to shut it down before it could even start!


Police in Sadiq Khan’s London have used the Public Order Act to prevent a rally in support of U.S. President Donald Trump outside the American embassy, despite permitting a large, ill-tempered anti-Trump rally on Friday.

Protestors attending the ‘Welcome Trump’ event had planned to gather outside the embassy and march from there to Whitehall, where they would have joined in with a separate ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ event in support of the activist and independent journalist who was recently imprisoned for contempt of court after reporting on a grooming gang trial.

But the Metropolitan Police Force, which answers to a large extent to Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, used the Public Order Act to impose a raft of restrictions on both groups of protesters which made this impossible — despite allowing far larger anti-Trump protests at which at least six people were arrested to go ahead on Saturday, with demonstrators carrying signs emblazoned with harsh profanity and messages such as “Die Trump Die”.

The Metropolitan Police is headed by a short-haired lesbian named Cressida Dick.


Since becoming Commissioner in early 2017, Dick has been instrumental in transforming the Met into the one of the faggiest, most pro-LBGTP police forces in Europe. Most of the sick UK police “pride” events with which we’re all familiar – don’t worry, I won’t post photos – occurred under her watch.

That she’s teaming up with a Moslem terrorist to wage war against expressions of international white solidarity doesn’t surprise me in the least. If Khan is an obvious invader from outside, Cressida is a Trojan horse – an enemy in disguise, like all of her fellow homosexuals.

How ironic, then, that Cressida was the name of the disloyal Trojan woman who appeared in the stories of the Trojan War.

“I was planning to go to the American embassy to meet with a group of demonstrators who are planning to welcome Trump into the country… it’s really good to see him in this country, and speaking truth to the people in power in this country,” explained David Kurten, an elected member of the London Assembly for the Brexit-supporting UK Independence Party.

“But as I came out of the police station I was handed this piece of paper by a couple of friendly police officers — who were just doing their job — but they’ve imposed Section 12 Public Order Act conditions on the assembly outside the American embassy, which means that people are not allowed to proceed or have a march or any kind of demonstration,” he claimed.

“And we’ve also been told that if I go to the American embassy in a group of three or more people that I’m liable to be arrested myself — so free speech is dead,” he concluded.

Though I obviously support pro-Trump rallies in Britain, the wearier, jaded side of me has to ask the obvious: what’s the point in organizing one in London?

London is hostile Islamic territory. It’s the stinking, gangrenous foot of Britain that needs to be severed for the good of the nation. Even Trump himself, well-known for his statesmanship, basically said “fuck it” and got out of that cesspit the moment he landed in Stansted Airport.

Pro-Trump Brits are better off holding rallies in any of the UK’s whiter and healthier cities, where permits are more likely to be granted and spectators are less likely to be hostile.

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