London: Sikh Judge Forces White Coroner to Prioritize Moslem and Jewish Burials

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
April 29, 2018

As the recent death of Alfie Evans proved, the British government loves to sacrifice its white citizens as part of its ongoing “1984 + Islam” agenda. What happened to little Alfie, I think we can all agree, would never happen to the larvae of a Jew, Moslem or other sacred being in the UK.

Unfortunately, being discriminated against while still breathing is only half the problem for those long-suffering Bongs. If a literal towelhead in London’s High Court has his way, then white citizens will be discriminated against after dying, too.

Talk about adding curry spices to the wound.

Daily Mail:

High Court judges have ordered a coroner to change her ‘unlawful’ cab-rank queuing system for handling burials.

Religious groups brought a legal challenge against a policy established by Mary Hassell, the senior coroner for inner north London, which means deaths in her jurisdiction are dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis.

The policy stipulates that no death will be prioritised based on the religion of the deceased or their family by either the coroner or her officers.

But Lord Justice Singh said the policy was discriminatory and must be quashed.

Sitting with Mrs Justice Whipple, he said: ‘We hope that, with appropriate advice from others, including the chief coroner and perhaps after consultation with relevant bodies in the community, the defendant can draft a new policy which meets the needs of all concerned, including protection of the legal rights of all members of the community.

Don’t let his turban, name, accent, religion, skin color, race or ancestry fool you; Rabiner Singh is as English as Sadiq Khan.

‘With appropriate good will on all sides and what Mr Hough at the hearing called “applied common sense“, we are hopeful that a satisfactory solution can be found in this sensitive area.’

The judge added: ‘The fundamental difficulty with the defendant’s policy is that it does not strike a fair balance between the rights concerned at all.

‘Rather, as a matter of rigid policy, it requires the coroner and her officers to leave out of account altogether the requirements of Jewish and Muslim people in relation to early consideration of and early release of bodies of their loved ones.’

Lawyers argued at a hearing last month that it ignores ‘deeply held beliefs’ of certain religious communities which require their dead to be buried as soon as possible.

They said Ms Hassell’s stance is unlawful and breaches the Human Rights Act and the Equality Act.

So, a British coroner has a “first come, first serve” policy, but a Sikh – who, for some reason, is wearing judicial robes in London’s High Court rather than straining to defecate in a Punjabi forest – believes that this policy is unfair and orders her to prioritize her racial enemies above all else.

The whole thing just proves that these brown mongrels – regardless of their religion – will always side with one another against their trusting, benevolent white hosts when push comes to shove. They’re all aware that they are soldiers of an invading racial army, one big brown Trojan Horse embedded in Europe’s soil, and that their success as conquerors depends upon white people remaining deracinated and disempowered in their own countries.

Only whites seem unaware of this obvious fact.

At least this extreme type of “positive discrimination” is (mostly) confined to Londonistan in the UK. I’m hoping that life becomes so unbearable for white people in that city that the remaining non-traitorous whites leave it forever, at which point those underground Nazis in Antarctica can nuke the city from orbit with zero human casualties.

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