London: Shock as Baby is Stabbed

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 5, 2018

Oi m8, why you go stabbin up that baby there eh m8? I reckon that’s no good then m8. 

Such a tragedy.

The real tragedy is that no one ever could have predicted something like this would happen in Stab City.


A one-year-old baby boy is fighting for his life after being stabbed alongside his mother on Monday evening in London. His mother’s injuries are understood not to be life-threatening.

In the latest incident of violent knife crime to rock the capital, the woman in her 30s and her infant son were stabbed in the borough of Hounslow. A manhunt is underway and residents have reportedly been warned to stay indoors while the attacker remains on the loose.

Police and paramedics were called at the scene of the attack at around 7.12pm on Monday.

One witness told Sky News: “I heard a lot of screaming and crying, it was quite distressing to hear. It’s a family, they’re new to the area, they’ve not long moved in.”

What this country needs to do is ban knives.

I don’t really see any other option.

People can just eat their tomatoes whole like they were apples, and their steaks they can just pick up with both hands and tear bites off of with their teeth.

That is really the only solution here I can think of.

Babies getting stabbed out there and it’s not like we can send all of these brown people home.

They’re just as British as the Queen herself.

A Judge Dredd type of crime management system is out of the question as well.

We can only have lady cops and maybe a few fat male homosexual cops.

Anything else is to threatening to minorities.

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