London Police Told to Scrap Gang Crime Database Because It’s Full of Nogs

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 11, 2018

The British police are some of Jewry’s finest golems.

Having been animated using ancient rabbinical magic, these uniformed beings are wholly dedicated to serving their masters’ anti-white agenda. That agenda includes – but is definitely not limited to – helping Moslems conquer Britain, prosecuting white people who speak out against that conquest and, when time permits, confiscating teaspoons and other weapons that could aid the resistance.

But golems are imperfect servants, and some of them can malfunction unless their behavior is kept in check.

The police in the following report are good examples of malfunctioning golems. While updating London’s gang crime database, they forgot to change the race of the gang members from “black” to “white”… and now the whole of England knows that blacks are violent apes.

Bad, bad police.


Britain has been told to scrap its “racialised” war on youth violence after an investigation accused the nation of breaching human rights law with police use of an anti-gangs database featuring predominantly black, male suspects.

Amnesty International called on the government “to urgently review” the Metropolitan Police’s Gangs Matrix and set up a public enquiry after it found that black men constituted 78 per cent of 3,500 people registered on the monitoring database.

78%? Damn, that is a lot of blacks.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not surprised that the descendants of cannibals are over-represented in crime statistics. That’s about as surprising as a faggot announcing he has GRIDS or a Jew pocketing the change from a wishing fountain.

What surprises me is that Pakis are – presumably – the remaining 22%.

22% isn’t much, given their superior numbers.

Are these people even trying?

“There is clearly a huge problem with knife-crime violence at the moment in London, but the Gangs Matrix is not the answer,” said the NGO’s UK Director Kate Allen, asserting that the list is “part of an unhelpful and racialised focus on the concept of gangs.”

Whenever I find out that a white woman is in charge of a political organization, I like to guess her appearance based on the information provided.

After learning that Kate Allen is 63-years-old, unmarried, childless and the director of a charity that campaigns for the “human rights” of colored people, I guessed “obese, glasses, short hair and ugly as sin.”

BOOM: 3 out of 4 correct. The skinniness did surprise me, though. You’d think that a nigger lover would keep herself well-fed to appease her precious nogs.

“The Mayor of London needs to dismantle the Matrix unless he can bring it in line with international human rights standards,” she said.

This guy?

Yeah, that’ll happen.

Police defended their use of the database, which was set up in 2011 after major riots hit the capital, insisting its aim is to “reduce gang-related violence and prevent young lives being lost”.

“Some young people identified as part of a gang may not yet have been drawn into gang violence. These individuals will be offered support to divert them away from activity that may result in either violent offending or them becoming a victim.”

Fug, these golems really have gone rogue. They’re doubling down, despite pressure from that shriveled hag!

Quick, rabbis, send them back for repairs!

Don’t worry, this mess will be sorted out.

Tomorrow, those same police will reveal that 78% of those gang members were, in fact, blond-haired Swedes.

It was just a mistake, goys.

Blacks don’t commit any crime at all.

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