London Paper “The Independent” Responds to Complaint About Anti-White Article Written by Subversive Jew

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April 4, 2015

The Independent is an anti-White publication based out of London.

Much to my surprise, I received a response from The Independent regarding my complaint about an anonymous article written by a Jew writer named Tom Mendelsohn that called for White British men to be removed from positions of power in British schools.  The Independent has since removed this disgusting anti-White article from their website.

The response I received was from Will Gore the Deputy Managing Editor of the London Evening Standard and The Independent.  Below I have posted his response in its entirety along with the contact information he provided.

I do not believe his response was sufficient as it is obvious that both the publications he works for has maintained a consistent anti-White bias.  There is literally no mainstream publication in the UK that represents the interests of White British people.  I will be sending him a reply back over the weekend, but I wanted to encourage anyone reading this to reach out to him with your thoughts on their bizarre editorial policies.  I do not have the time to research all the players involved at the upper management levels of these papers, but I would bet judging from their content that there are Jews involved.  Perhaps some of you in the comments section of this article can research this and let other readers know what you find.


Thank you for contacting us via our online complaints form. We are always glad to hear from our readers, whether or not feedback is positive, and I am grateful to you for taking the time to get in touch.

I am naturally sorry to hear that you found the opinion piece on the student section of our website so disagreeable. We are very conscious that not all readers will agree with the views of all of our writers – but generally speaking we would rather a columnist express an honestly-held opinions, even if it provokes a strong reaction, than stick to the anodyne for fear of causing offence.

That having been said, when the article was brought to the attention of the digital editor and myself, we concluded that its ongoing publication was unwarranted. First, the intemperate language felt inappropriate in the context of the piece. Second, the piece lacked specific examples or personal experience to accompany its rhetoric. As such, we were unconvinced by the decision to grant anonymity to the writer. It is something we might do in very rare circumstances but, on this occasion, we concluded it was the wrong call. We took the item down from our site early on Saturday morning.

As for the view being expressed, it was, of course, a personal one. The Independent and its digital sister provide platforms for a wide range of columnists – from Nigel Farage to Yasmin Alhibai Brown, Janet Street-Porter to Mark Steel – and we are glad to be in a position to do so. Quite obviously, views of individual writers don’t necessarily reflect the editorial position of the newspaper, or the website.

I hope very much that in spite of your concern on this particular occasion, you will continue to visit our site and find much to enjoy (even if you don’t always agree with our writers).

Thanks again for taking the time to send us your feedback.

With best regards

Will Gore
Deputy Managing Editor

London Evening Standard, The Independent, i & Independent on Sunday /
020 3615 2409

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