London is Planning Mass Protests Against Trump Because He’s Mean to Moslems

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 30, 2018

Imagine being this delusional.

Evening Standard:

Celebrities, activists and politicians are rallying for the “biggest protest in British history” on London’s streets against Donald Trump’s visit to the UK.

It comes as the US leader claimed he will travel to Britain for an official state visit in October this year, and that he was invited by Theresa May twice.

Campaigners have vowed to stage the “biggest” demonstration in the capital that the UK has ever seen, as politicians and celebrities joined to speak out against the visit.

One Facebook event planned for next month has already seen more than 21,000 people sign up to express an interest in the demo against the President’s planned trip.

David Lammy, Labour MP for Tottenham, was among those calling for a large-scale demo. Responding to news of the visit, he wrote on Twitter: “To be met by the biggest protest this country has ever seen. Who’s in?”

Actually, I shouldn’t say that these people are delusional. This protest has been in the works for awhile now. They already got Trump to reschedule his visit seven months ago. This February is the new date.

So they’ve managed to actually somewhat succeed already. Good for them. I hope Ahmed voices his support by driving a van of peace right through their demo in February. It would be divine justice…and it still wouldn’t change their minds.

The usual suspects are crawling out of the woodwork to voice their support.

Celebrities such as Stephen Fry, and organisations such as Abortion Support Network,Help Refugees and Operation Black Vote have all voice support for a huge protest.

Fry wrote on Twitter that he had thrown his support behind campaign group Top Trump Targets, adding: “We’re coming together to build a better Britain by standing with those Trump targets”.

Stephen Fry – for those who don’t know – is basically a more charismatic version of Sargoy of Mossad.

See, I will never not like Trump because he has become a symbol of resistance against the Globo-Homo-Corpo-Judeo Industrial Complex.

Every group under the sun that I hate gets triggered as fuck by every little thing he does. Also – I have to point out that these libshits are so crazy and assmad that they are mass-protesting the visit of a head of state of a supposed ally country.

Is it possible that Trump gets mad enough back at them that he decideds to drop a big fat nuke on London to wipe their faggotry from the face of the earth once and for all?

Mmm…well it’s probably a bit far-fetched. But ZOG’s military enforcement alliance, NATO might take a hit.

We’ll see what comes of this.

At least this takes some heat of Nigel, who’s had it rough the last couple of months, what with all the signs pointing to Brexit happening.

Top Comments

  1. Oh really?

    Roll back few weeks…

    he also mentioned that non-whites are illegitimate in public offices

    As for Nigel Farage

    Him in 2017

    Him now

    This is from 2016 when the government sent the leaflet to all the addresses endorsing remain

    The treason laws are still in force

  2. Fuck these British faggots, enjoy your childrape.

  3. Drumpf is a symbol of non resistance against the left. He’s a clown. An actor. A joke of a man who comes in while serious people are trying to find real solutions.

    These groups would be protesting no matter which republican was president, because they know how to win, they fight nonstop and attack the other side. Getting BTFO and claiming that as some sort of victory just shows how delusional the aut-right really is.

    You’re so desperate to cling onto anything that you’ll go for the first man there is. Looking for a daddy figure to lead you.

  4. What about the nationalists who spent decades going up against the corrupt establishment?

  5. While the first reaction of leftists would be to report somebody like you and have him banned, in fact I welcome people like you here.
    We need village idiots to act as clown and provide some entertainment. In medieval times we probably would have locked you in the stocks, threw some foul vegetables at you while some faggot assrapes you.

    But I think we can also have fun with you in modern times

  6. I’m referring to these leftist specifically. Britian had one of the most world-famous cases of mass sex slavery in Rotherham, and yet people are so fucking cucked not only to look the other way, but to support it. Especially in such a small nation.

  7. Boing says:

    excellent opportunity to counter-protest the commie protestors and chastise them accordingly. Trump is welcome here in UK

  8. Fanda says:

    These faggots don’t have children though.

    It’s other people’s kids whose rapes they are campaigning for.

  9. Nik says:

    Whose fucking side are you on?

  10. Saying this unironically. You write as if you believe people here genuinely thought Trump was/is the savior of whites.

    I’ve noticed a pattern of yours, you will stink up a thread with some obscure opinion that literally nobody else here agrees with and it often borders on leftism. I’m all for a variety of opinions but you clearly just get a kick out of trying to be completely different to everyone else here. It shows with your little bitch fits when you just can’t contain your contempt for the people of this forum.

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