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  1. Too be fair to britcucks that’s all of our cities. Why we stay in the country with safes full of guns. Gnome sane?

  2. Someone should go shoot this same footage today. You know, same street, same blocks, and everything. Then someone could write their liberal arts dissertation on the differences.

  3. Noticed everyone walked in singles?

    There’s no need for ‘friends’, family were your friends back then. Family had high priority back then.

    That kept them satisfied enough.

    Only the non singles I noticed, were probably retired married couples walking together.

    Not a speck of litter to be seen.

  4. What a pleasure it must have been to go about town and see only white faces. Even the whitest dregs of society would have been more preferable to look at than the most uppity of browns.

  5. Nice video description from the cuck uploader:-

    Please just enjoy these old images and refrain from talking about how London has changed in relation to the influx of other nationals. Everyone aged 50+ will have witnessed this metamorphoses and many have often enough reacted to this video that this change has not always been for the good. In stead of this debate it would be nice if viewers could share their own memories of this era here.

    Keep your head in the sand, goy!

  6. “And yall crackaz wuz still livin in dem caves n sheeeit” (excerpt from Jamal Wokenstein’s best selling academic textbook)

  7. Look at the way they dressed too, women wearing actual dresses, no tracksuits, blue jeans, cargo shorts, baseball caps etc, and no mobile phones!

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