London: BASED Landlord Renames Pub “The Trump Arms” to Support President’s UK Visit

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
July 9, 2018

Ever since President Trump announced his upcoming visit to the UK, London – Europe’s most pious Islamic stronghold – has been in a state of constant stress.

The local press have gone into full anti-Drumpf mode, shocked that this literal reincarnation of Hitler would dare visit a progressive, tolerant caliphate like Britain. Tens of thousands of liberals plan to flock to Trafalgar Square next week, eager to protest the man the establishment told them to hate. And the Paki mayor, Sadiq Khan, authorized the flight of an unflattering Trump balloon across the city’s skies.

In the spirit of protest, Khan also announced – to rapturous applause – that he would never use a toilet again.

It’s all been a bit wild.

But London isn’t completely gone. The 40% white capital is still home to a number of nationalists who want to let the world know that sanity still exists within the city. One of those people is Damien Smyth, a landlord who’s decided to show solidarity with Trump by temporarily renaming his pub after him!


A London landlord is temporarily renaming his pub ‘The Trump Arms’ in celebration of U.S. President Donald J. Trump’s visit to the UK next week and as a show of Anglo-American solidarity.

Damien Smyth, who runs The Jameson pub in Hammersmith, told Breitbart London that he will be throwing a ‘Welcome Trump’ party “to show solidarity with the U.S. people and the President” who will be visiting the UK on Friday the 13th of July as part of a wider European trip.

“We’re the greatest friends in the world and natural buddies,” Mr Smyth, who hails from Ireland and is married to a New Yorker, said.

“We want to show solidarity. We want to thank Trump for making the world safe again.”

Mr Smyth said that he wanted to make sure the President knew that Britons “are not all crazy protesters” and talked of the important history of the United States and the United Kingdom as allies.

It’s so important to let people know we’re old family and old friends,” the West London landlord said.

That’s a decent angle to take. No one can deny the ancestral and cultural ties between the US and the UK, unless of course they’re willing to admit that those ties barely exist any longer because the UK has become a giant open-air shrine to Allah.

Which wouldn’t do their side any favors.

It’s definitely a ballsy decision. London is occupied territory, and Smyth’s pub risks being swamped with antifa, hajis and other scum during the run-up to Trump’s visit on the 13th. It sounds like he has a lot of supporters though, which might intimidate potential objectors.

Breitbart London spoke to the organiser of The Art of the Party — a hat tip to President Trump’s bestselling novel The Art of the Deal — planned for Saturday the 14th, CEO of the think tank Parliament Street Patrick Sullivan, who said that he has been overwhelmed with support from Trump fans across the UK.

“The number of Trump supporters is quite something,” Mr Sullivan said. “There is interest coming from up and down the country.”

Nationalist Bongs living in London have a duty to support this chap’s establishment, both now and in the future. Coming out as pro-Trump in the center of London is a big deal for a resident of Airstrip One, and when one person does it without significant repercussions, it can trigger a domino effect with far-reaching consequences.

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