LOL: Police Say “No Apparent Reason” for Vegas Shooting

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2017

Another white male terrorist associated directly with the Alt-Right movement, Infowars, Breitbart, the Daily Stormer, anti-Jewish prank phone calls, Donald Trump, trolling Jews on Twitter, Pizzagate, the Russians, and so on, has been arrested in yet another white male supremacy attack.

Wait, sorry. This is something different.

Rolando Cardenas – doesn’t look like a white guy.

I think Rolando Cardenas might be the result of some kind of evil experiment to enlarge an ant to human size.

I have never seen anyone who looked like that, or even looked close to like that.

Anyway, he shot up Las Vegas for “no apparent reason.”


Fox News:

Police say a man sitting at the back of a public bus on the Las Vegas Strip started shooting “for no apparent reason” as passengers got off at a stop in the heart of the tourism corridor.

Police said Sunday that 55-year-old Rolando Cardenas is accused in the shooting. Authorities say he surrendered peacefully after a standoff inside the double-decker bus that lasted more than four hours Saturday.

He has been booked into jail on suspicion of murder, attempted murder, burglary and opening fire on the bus. An attorney for Cardenas couldn’t immediately be found.

The bus had stopped on the Strip near the Cosmopolitan hotel-casino. Police say passengers were leaving when Cardenas stood up and fired several rounds from a handgun.

Two people nearby were struck, including a Montana man who died.

It must be mental illness.

And you know what the solution to mental illness is?

More third world immigration.

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  1. That is one ugly spic. Send him back, send 'em all back!

  2. I’ll bet he was inspired by Anders Breivik or the confederate flag or something.

  3. Are you certain it’s a spic? I honestly have no idea what it is. It kind of looks Asian to me…

  4. We had the motherfucker, but the magic space negro Lando helped him get away

  5. Only Asians that would have a Spanish name would be flips.

    Could be.

    I have never in my life seen anyone that looked like that.

  6. his father…raped an asian prostitute?

  7. It doesn’t look human to me, it looks like someone has shaved a brown haired orangutan.

  8. UnCL3 says:

    Zika critter

  9. You SOB! Lol. I was gonna do the same thing. Lol.

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