LOL: BLM Activist Convicted Of Lynching Fellow Black

Daily Stormer
June 7, 2016


Blacks are the real racists

I can’t believe that we still have lynchings in America in 2016. This proves we have institutional racism and that white supremacy truly is in control of this country.


A court ruling in Pasadena, California, last week just set an unsettling precedent in the movement for black lives’ fight against police brutality.

Activist Jasmine Richards, a 28-year-old black woman and founder of Pasadena’s Black Lives Matter chapter, was convicted of felony lynching, a technical term in California penal code referring to “the taking by means of a riot of another person from the lawful custody of a peace officer.” Her sentencing is June 7.

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Richards was initially charged with inciting a riot, child endangerment, delaying and obstructing peace officers, and felony lynching. When the court announced the June 1 trial date, only the lynching charge remained.

Richards is not the first modern protester to be charged with lynching.Maile Hampton, a 20-year-old black woman, was arrested for “lynching” during a rally against police brutality in Sacramento in April 2015. Occupy Oakland activists Tiffany Tran and Alex Brown were charged in 2011 and Los Angeles Occupy activist Sergio Ballesteros was charged in 2012 for lynching while intervening in an arrest at the local Artwalk.


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Man, these blacks be lynchin’ each other left and right! Interesting that these blacks get charged with all sorts of crimes, but most get dropped before the case gets to court. I wonder what kind of (((influence))) is responsible for that?

But in other cases, the charges were later dropped. Richards is the first African American convicted of “lynching” in the United States.

“Clearly this is a political prosecution,” Richards’s attorney Nana Gyamfi told Vox. “It’s intention is to stop people from organizing, and from speaking out and challenging the system. There’s a political message that’s been sent by both the prosecutor and the police and, by conviction, the jury.”

Blacks are so delusional that they actually believe the “system” is against them, manipulated by White supremacists behind the scenes. In fact, blacks just believe whatever they’re told and act out on it. The problem now is that they’re told subversive lies by Jews trying to destabilize society.

Once we solve the Jewish problem, the other problems will basically solve themselves.