Andre Wang Lin, Politically Correct Extremist on the Ralph Show [HIGH QUALITY LISTENING]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 27, 2018

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND listening to this fantastic stream.

It was a great time.

Wang Lin (my nemesis, politically correct doppelganger gook) made a VERY good showing.

I recommend not only this episode, but all episodes of this show. It is the most fun in the right-wing-o-sphere these days.

It’s on most nights at 11pm EST.

NOTE: Doppelganger Wang Lin was not drunk on this show. He had been drinking several hours before, and had only slept a bit. He woke up only ten minutes before show, took a minute for the caffeine to kick in.

Wang Lin has confirmed to me on WhatsApp that he does not do podcasts while drinking because he is afraid of saying something stupid. Everything he said on this podcast was intelligent, thus proving he was not drunk.

Also, none of what he said was trolling or intended to purposefully make emotionally weak people angry and confused on purpose.

He doesn’t do things like that.

Topics include:

  • Women
  • Sluts
  • Guamites who live as tunnel rats
  • Using surrogate gook women to produce white children using seeds bought online
  • The alleged collapse of the Alt-Right
  • Anglinian American Nationalism vs Specerian Global EUism
  • Weird shit after Charlottesville, the future (hopefully lackthereof) of tantrum activism protest marches
  • The fact that the Alt-Right won, did its goals
  • The transformation of the Alt-Right and neon-nazism
  • Infiltrating political parties as a direct action methodology of total victory

And much more fun times.

I hate Wang Lin for stealing my identity and making it totally politically correct. Thankfully, the Nigerians agreed to transfer him to Guam.

However, he is a true genius, and that cannot be denied.

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