Live Debate @ 7:20 EST: Kokesh vs. Cantwell

Daily Stormer
January 18, 2017

Libertarian race-realist Christopher Cantwell will face off live with left-libertarian Jewish open-border advocate Adam Kokesh tonight, beginning at around 7:20 est.

Will the subversive Jew be able to coherently explain why we must allow ourselves to be overrun with third world savages because of “muh libertarian principles,” or will he be backed into a corner by the cold, hard logic of Cantwell?

Is libertarianism feasible in a non-White society, or are we going to have to get a bit fascist?

Tune in to find out!

Debate topics:

Best strategy at arriving at a libertarian society. Samuel Konkin good or bad for libertarianism why or why not? Virtue signaling to the left or virtue signaling to the right, which is preferred if any? Is a stage of fascism a good idea in order to arrive at a libertarian society? Should the US pull out from all the countries they are occupying or should they finish the wars that have us in danger? Who has the better strategy of each of these men and who has the better political philosophy?

Livestreams: and Liberty Hangout (Facebook Page)


7:10pm News regarding The Rothbardian Circle/America’s Future Foundation
7:15pm Introductions (Livestream begins)
7:30pm Debate Begins
9:15pm Debate Ends
9:15pm Group Photo
9:20pm Voting Takes place online on the RC/AFF Event page
9:20pm Off to dinner on Miracle Mile (Coral Gables) with Adam and Christopher