Literal Honeypot: Trump Dating App Leaks User Data

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
October 17, 2018

People thought that they could support Trump and be able to bang mulattos? Think again. 

The Hill:

A new dating app for Trump supporters leaked its entire database of users on the day of its launch, according to a Monday report from Tech Crunch.

DonaldDaters launched Monday for Apple and Android devices with the hope of encouraging young conservatives to meet and mingle.

The app markets itself as an “American-based singles community connecting lovers, friends, and Trump supporters alike.”

Tech Crunch reported that the app had more than 1,600 users on the day that it launched and a security researcher was able to download the entire user database — including names, profile pictures, devices and private messages.

Elliot Alderson, a French security researcher, shared the database with the site.

He was also able to access tokens which can reportedly be used to take over DonaldDaters accounts.

Stepping back for a bit, the whole idea that politics should factor into your dating life is bizarre.

Stepping back even further, dating, in general, is bizarre and should be banned. But that’s for another post, another day.

All these crazy bitches putting up ultimatums for men before spreading their legs are so out of control that I can actually believe some normies would be tempted to try a dating service that claims to service people with more conservative views.

As a rule of thumb though, you shouldn’t be doing online dating. If you’re a man, you’re going to be at a disadvantage. Any girl with a functioning vagina is going to be inundated with attention and replies. Even the ugly ones. Which inflates their feelings of self-worth. And it will deflate yours.

The experiments were done by some PUA types back in the day, and basically, even below average women got more attention than top-tier men when they crunched the numbers.

In general, men aren’t defined by their looks. A man’s charisma, wealth, social status, fashion sense and other aspects of his person factor in more heavily on a woman’s hindbrain than his physical appearance. Meanwhile, men are straight up attracted to hot-looking bitches. In other words, apps like Tinder or whatever where you put up your profile pic and try to get replies that way play to women’s strengths, not men’s.

Putting all that aside, this Donald Daters thing reeks of being a honeypot. 

A question for you: if someone came out with an “Alt-Right Daters” app that required your personal info, would you sign on?

I hope, for your sake, that the answer is “no thanks, Shlomo.”

There’s a witch-hunt going on now for Trump supporters. And while I don’t think that everyone who signed-up for Donald Daters is in a FEMA camp now, I think it would be prudent to keep that shit closer to your chest.

A lot of regular MAGA supporters still naively think that they don’t have a target painted on their backs. 

They should be more careful. Because, obviously, it is mostly urbanite Trump supporters who feel alienated and discriminated against by crazy urban sluts who would be signing up for this app.

I reckon if you live in heartland America, people aren’t that political and/or they actually support Trump.

So they wouldn’t need this app. But working in a liberal metropolis and putting it out there that you support Trump… that ain’t smart.