Leftist Cuck Takes Gas Canister to the Ovaries, Blames Trump

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
August 23, 2017

Trump gave a really milquetoast speech in Phoenix. He was all about love and kumbaya and all that crap.


But outside the rally was a different story. The legions of POZ were massing up and the cops finally found the balls to take a nut shot at a pre-op numale Lefty frolicking in the streets.

Btw, this Zack guy is a total faggot. Fat, bearded, dog instead of a family. So don’t take this as an endorsement of him. In general, a quick PSA for you, dear reader: Don’t be a “fanboy” of anything. At the very least be a “fanman” or better yet just a “fanatic.”

In general, I like the police tactics on display here. For once I am in agreement with the coppers. Those who act like pussies deserve a nut tap from time to time to remind them that they are men, and men don’t vote Liberal or Leftist.

Those without functioning testes ought to be shot in the nuts until testosterone production spikes and their behavior improves. Besides, the cop probably did him a favor by blowing his cuck cock cage clean off.

This little incident has a lot of meme potential using the Virgin/Chad format above.

The Virgin protester: kicks gas cannister at cops and scampers away like a prissy faggot

The Chad cop: shoots canister at virgin’s tiny sack

I keep saying it, but its only when our side takes to the streets in RWDS, that will you see shit get real. This is kiddie hour. These spoiled numale leftists are just throwing a tantrum and they deserve all the beatdowns that they get.

Of course, the lying media is calling this an “outbreak of violence at a Trump rally” and implying that MAGA types are the ones destroying the city. Utter bullshit. The Left throws tantrums, the Right wrecks shit (once its patience has reached its limits).

Meanwhile, no offspring for the protester. Which is a good thing. What a faggot. Showing up in board shorts, a T-shirt and a gas mask. Amateur hour.

Fuck Maidan tho

I guarantee you that this guy’s friends are going to start crowdfunding him a new nut on Patreon soon. They should just fund a sex change operation and cut out the middle step. Fund him a new vagina instead.


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  1. Not like he wasn’t planning on having them lopped off anyway.

  2. His boyfriend will be pissed, looks like no ass penetration for awhile.

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