Lecture by White Hating Jew Rat Tim Wise at Hofstra University a Huge Failure

Daily Slave
March 14, 2015

Looks like Wise was unable to convince professors to make their students attend his White hating speech at Hofstra.

According to a report by the Council of Conservative Citizens, the lecture by the subversive White Hating Jew rat Tim Wise at Hofstra University was a huge flop.  About 90% of the available seats were empty showing that Wise’s vile and unique brand of White-hatred is not doing so well on the lecture circuit.

As we have reported previously, his speech at Indiana University was met with a significant number of patriotic White protesters denouncing Wise for his mean spirited White hating ways.

Wise is scheduled to speak at the following venues over the next couple of months.

03/25/15: Charlotte, NC Queens University of Charlotte
03/30/15: Huntsville, AL Oakwood University
04/7/15: New Orleans, LA Loyola University
04/10/15 – 04/11/15: Philadelphia, PA Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine
04/17/15 – 04/18/15: Fayetteville, AR University of Arkansas
04/20/15: Bryn Mawr , PA Bryn Mawr Presbyterian Church
04/23/15: St. Petersburg , FL YWCA of Tampa Bay

If you are in the local area of any of these schools, please consider showing up to protest his appearance and let him know that his hatred of White people will not be tolerated.

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