Leading British Surgeon Calls for Trannies to Get Womb Transplants So They Can be Real Mothers

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2019

Surgeon Christopher Inglefield

This British doctor wants to slice open mentally ill men’s bellies and put wombs in there so they can grow a baby inside.

No, this isn’t even peak degeneracy yet.

Daily Mail:

A top British surgeon has called for transgender women to get life-changing womb transplants so they can have children of their own. 

It comes after doctors in Brazil delivered the world’s first baby from a womb transplant that was given to a woman from a deceased donor last year.

Now surgeon Christopher Inglefield, founder of the London Transgender Clinic, believes transgender women deserve a uterus implant.

He says the procedure is ‘essentially identical’ to the one performed on women.

Of course surgeons would want for this absolute degeneracy to be done in men because it opens up a niche market for an astronomically expensive surgical procedure and they just love to fatten their pockets, which is why “sex reassignment surgeries” are even a thing in the first place.

They don’t care their patients are mentally ill as long as they pay them.

Having said that… you know what’s next, right?

Vagina transplants are next.

They’re already taking wombs out of dead women, why not also take their vaginas?

BUT WAIT. Wait. Don’t stop there.

Why not take the whole pelvis? It would be the demonic version of the already existing hip replacement surgeries.

No reason to stop there either. Let’s just do head transplants from males into female bodies. At last until we figure out a way to do brain transplants without taking out the whole head. This is why we have science and technology in the West, after all. There are more important things than conquering the galaxy.


Dr Inglefield says ‘harvesting’ the womb from the donor is tricky as surgeons must not damage arteries and veins to the uterus.

It’s safe to assume there’ll be a movement of women donating their uterus of their own accord to finally liberate themselves from the patriarchal chains of motherhood.

Truly progressive.

Trans females have a narrower pelvis than women but there would still be room to carry a child.

And supplements can be taken to replicate hormones experienced during pregnancy.

He said births would most likely be delivered by cesarean section in order to safeguard the child.

To safeguard both the child and the man’s fake vagina that doesn’t really have the elasticity of a real vagina. Oh, and to prevent the man’s pelvis from breaking.

And other experts agree that transgender women should get a womb transplant.  

Dr Richard Paulson, former president of the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, said there is no obvious reason why transgender women should not receive a womb implant.

He said: ‘I personally suspect there are going to be trans women who are going to want to have a uterus and will likely get the transplant.’

Do the words “absolutely gross, degenerate stuff” not mean anything to these people anymore?

I guess this is where the world is going now.

Me? I’ll go the other direction.

You’re welcome to join me.