Latinos Are Converting to Islam, Becoming Natural Conservatives

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 24, 2019

Vice is doing some good work.

They are confirming what I always secretly suspected – all brown people are more naturally predisposed to Islam than Christianity.

The quick mini-documentary points out that Mexicans (and I use that term to refer to all South Americans) are the fastest growing Moslem conversion demographic because most Mexicans are just cultural Catholics who don’t really understand or know their own purported faith.

That’s a pretty woke take from Vice and I happen to agree with it.

South America is only Christian because of historical circumstances, and I don’t really even believe that these people are Christian in the same sense that White people are Christian.

Because they don’t act like Christians at all.

Sure, they’ve got the outward form, but they remain backward, flesh-eating savages for the most part.

In other words, they act more like Moslems.

And the documentary alleges that Trump is to blame for driving Mexicans into the arms of Islam. I think this is correct, overall.

This is clearly a move by Mexicans to deliberately make themselves even more anti-American. Why else would that founder of the conversion group take on the Moslem name of Muhahid – as in soldier of Allah?


  • Houston is apparently a Mexican Mecca
  • Media is to blame for people not liking Mexicans or Moslems (they even sound similar)
  • The Leader of the Mexican Moslems is a Venezuelan Mexican
  • Also almost certainly a part of a gang that dealt drugs
  • Thinks America’s future is brown and Moslem

I want you to take a look at this. This is him standing next to a regular dude from a traditional Moslem country.

Can you tell the difference?

Or this guy?

Would any American be able to tell the difference between an Arab and a Mexican? 

There are literally millions of future Moslems in America right now, and the average American will only notice when it’s too late. Apparently, there are more than a quarter million Mexican converts in the United States alone.

The entire Global South is banding together to stick it to the White man. This isn’t even my thesis. That’s right, not the thesis of a crazed, bloodthirsty Nazi basking in Neon. It’s what the people in the documentary and the fag professor said: “it’s the future of America, Houston is a microcosm of the future of America. The Browning of America. White people are not going to be the majority anymore. 

Remember when this was a conspiracy theory? The Browning of America? 

Looks like it’s no longer a conspiracy theory, eh? Now we’ve moved on and it’s just racist to say anything against this Manifest Brown Destiny.