Latest Child-Rape Gang in the UK: Bloodcurdling Details Emerge

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 6, 2013

Zdeno Mirga, 18, (left) and Hassan Abdulla, 32, during their trial at the Old Bailey, Central London.
Zdeno Mirga, 18, (left) and Hassan Abdulla, 32, during their trial at the Old Bailey, Central London.

More details of the case I reported on yesterday have emerged.

It appears that some of these men were gypsies, some were Muslims.

This is one of the most horrific things I’ve ever heard of.  But remember, it is standard practice for these filthy, savage hordes of subhumans.

From the Daily Mail:

A girl with severe learning disabilities was plied with drugs until she ‘felt dead’ while her teenage pimp passed her around for sex at a party, the Old Bailey heard.

The victim, who can only be referred to as A, was one of five under-age girls allegedly abused by a gang led by Zdeno ‘Skinny’ Mirga, 18, in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire.

She told a court how she was subjected to a string of abuses, including on one occasion being forced to perform sex acts on a dozen boys in a park while Mirga collected £20 a time.

In an another horrific episode, she was allegedly trapped by a much-older associate of Mirga, and his cousin, who abused her so severely that she vomited when the ordeal was over.

The schoolgirl, who has learning disabilities and is partially deaf, had lost her virginity to Mirga in a park toilet when she was just 13 years old, jurors heard.

In videotaped interviews shown to the Old Bailey, she accused the Eastern European teenager of forcing her to perform sex acts on him and other males in various locations, despite her objections that it hurt.

Mirga, along with his brother, Dusan Mirga, 20, David Ziga, 19, and Hassan Abdulla, 32, deny a long list of sexual abuse charges ranging from rape to child prostitution.

Four minors MH, 14, JK, 17, RB, 17, and JF, 14, are standing trial alongside them.

Earlier, jurors heard about a party A attended, where she was plied with drink and drugs until she practically passed out and was passed around by Mirga.

Reliving the experience in April in a second video shown to the court, the youngster said she was first forced into performing a sex act don a a 50-year-old man for £20 before Mirga took her to the party in a taxi.

There she performed sex acts on a further five ‘boys’, for which ‘they gave skinny money’, she said, adding: ‘He was happy. He said if you don’t do it, I will slap you. I feel upset, I was scared.’

Remember that the ones truly responsible for these crimes are the liberal zombies who have accepted the idea that these people have a right to be in the UK. The savages themselves cannot help but behave this way. It is in their blood. Blaming them for drugging and raping children is like blaming a wolf for attacking sheep. Of course, the wolf must be stopped, but we did not expect him to do something different than he did.

We have been lied to about the nature of race. Nonwhites are not human in any traditional European understanding of the concept. They do not have the same morality as we do, nor the intelligence or capacity for empathy. They walk on two legs and are capable of speech, but that is where the similarity ends – all of the other similarities between us and them we also share with all other mammals.

We might also note the similarity between the various savage races. We see in this child rape gang case that they are capable of getting on well with one another. They have the same drives and the same objectives due to their similar psychological, biological frameworks.


I will note here that a Press Officer from the Cambridge police has emailed me and asked that I specify that not all of these men are Muslims, some being of ‘Slovak/Czech origin.’  I am not sure why this was sent to me, given that I explain here that some are gypsies from these countries (both the names and court drawings show that they are not White Slovaks or Czechs).  But as the officer took the time out of her day to email me about this, apparently there was some confusion, so I wills state again, as I did in the first sentence of this article when it was originally posted, that not all of the men are from Islamic countries, some are gypsies from European countries.

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