Las Vegas Police Catch Likely (Jew) Serial Killer by Using a Mannequin

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
March 8, 2017

After two homeless men were found bludgeoned to death in their sleep with a hammer near downtown Las Vegas, the city’s police department was dismayed at the lack of motive and leads. The random acts of heartless and cowardly cruelty led them to profile the culprit as a blood thirsty sadist who would strike again. They planted a mannequin at the site of the slayings made to look like a homeless man and waited.

When they pulled in the reel, a big fat catfish faced kike was wildly bashing the prop’s head with a hammer. 30-year-old (((Shane Allen Schindler))) was arrested in the sting.

Washington Post:

In the early hours of Jan. 4, Las Vegas police found the body of Daniel Aldape, a 46-year-old homeless man, lying in an empty lot at an intersection near the city’s downtown, dead of hea trauma. They suspected he had been killed in his sleep, bludgeoned over the head with a hammer as he lay wrapped in blankets.

One month later, another homeless man, 60-year-old David Dunn, turned up dead at the same intersection. He, too, was likely sleeping when someone struck him repeatedly in the head with a hammer, police said.

Detectives worried that both men were victims of “thrill kills,” random slayings carried out solely for the rush of taking another person’s life, as the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported.

With no leads on a suspect, police decided they’d try to bait the killer. Just a few feet from where Aldape’s body was discovered, they set up a decoy, a mannequin draped in blankets and positioned to look like a person sleeping on the sidewalk.

Within hours, someone approached. After surveying the scene, the suspect pulled up his hooded sweatshirt, took out a hammer and bashed the mannequin “several times” on the head, according to police. The incident was captured on surveillance video.

“The decoy mannequin was staged in a manner which would have made it impossible for Schindler to have determined the mannequin was not a human being before he struck,” police said in the arrest report, according to the Review Journal.

During questioning by police, Schindler admitted that he kicked the decoy and struck it with his hammer but told investigators he “knew it was a mannequin” before he attacked it, according to the report.

Schindler has not entered a plea. His next court hearing is set for March 15. His attorney, Deputy Public Defender Ashley Sisolak, called his bail excessive and disputed the charge against him. “My client has proclaimed his innocence, and I look forward to fighting these allegations,” she told the Review Journal.

Police said Schindler was carrying a four-pound engineer’s hammer inside a pizza bag on the night of Feb. 22 when he went to the area where the homeless men were found dead. The intersection, located several blocks west of the city’s business district, is mostly empty except for a small deli and a bus stop. The Las Vegas Strip, home to most of the city’s gambling and entertainment fare, is several miles away.

Senseless and sadistic murder is a proud Jewish tradition. While Hollywood tries to frame skinheads and rednecks as thrill-killers and abusers of the homeless, Jews and blacks are the ones disproportionately more likely to be engaging in such horrifying behavior.

In the case of Jews, most are able to channel their genetic impulse to murder non-Jews into politics or social projects, but in some cases, they just can’t help but indulging themselves directly.

But Jewish sadism is quite different from the white criminally insane. With the latter, they have often lost touch with reality or want to get caught. If they resist, it’s usually due to a Dr. Jekyl/Mr Hyde issue of extreme cognitive dissonance. But Jews like Schindler are perfectly aware of what they’re doing and how to worm out of a conviction.

This is the face of pure evil incarnate.